The Secret to Successful Weight Loss

Weight Loss ProgramThe secret to successful weight loss. . .drum roll please. . .is that there is no secret. There is no magic pill someone has been holding in a top secret vault, the owners of which have been waiting for the perfect moment to give to the masses.  Are you still holding your breath for an easy way to lose weight? There is good and bad news in that regard. It won’t be easy, but it isn’t as hard as you think either.

If you want a weight loss program that works, consider these points:

1. If you drink more water, you will naturally make your body more alkaline, which makes it easier to lose weight. Water also fills you up so you are less likely to overeat. Water makes your skin beautiful and plumps your cells. It makes ridding the body of waste easier and aids your immune system. Make drinking water part of your weight loss program.

2. Reducing your stress won’t melt calories off your frame, but it will keep your body from thinking it has to be on high-alert and store belly fat which it does when in high-stress situations (to mimic stress which our ancestors experienced when they couldn’t eat until they caught the next Woolie Mammoth). Instead of stressing out, go on a walk (and burn some calories) while also lowering the fight-or-flight response of your nervous system.

3. Any good weight loss program will address how you eat consistently and how much you move. Any good program will require that you change your eating habits and get more active. A plan that tells you otherwise is just a lie.

Weight Loss Program4. Want the ‘secret’ of losing weight and staying thin? Stop eating empty calories. It isn’t the amount of calories so much as the type of calories you put in your body. While you cannot expect to burn fat if you consume more than you eat, if you take the focus to just putting ‘good’ calories in your body, you will be too full to put the ‘bad’ ones in. Eat whole grains, plenty of fruits and vegetable, healthy unsaturated fats like those in olive oil and avocados, and legumes and nuts. If these foods make up the majority of your diet, then you will never have to count calories again.

Have you tried a weight loss program that offered a ‘secret’ that was more like a big fat lie? Share it with us below.



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