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“The secret to getting the body you want is simple, but they don’t want you to know it…”

Melonie – Weight Loss ProgramsHi there,
I’m Melonie Dodaro, certified weight loss master coach, author of The MindBody FX Lifestyle and founder of MindBody FX Weight Management Company.

Will you join me in the permanent weight loss revolution? All you need is the desire to change your body and the power of your own mind.

Sound simplistic? It’s not. Your mind is a very complicated thing. Luckily, however…

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss
Is Not Complicated!

Diets are complicated. Often the rules have nothing to do with your everyday life, so the diet program doesn’t click with your natural thinking.

Exercise regimens are complicated. Weight loss programs focused on rigorous exercise require complex machines, postures, and measurements.

Taking diet pills or getting surgery seem like simple solutions, but many find out too late that diet pills and surgery can have very complicated consequences. The bad side effects are legendary, and they do nothing to change the way you think about your weight.

Then there’s all those fads and gimmicks that include pre-packaged foods, shakes and bars, painful injections, or complex calorie counting. There’s a never-ending list of weight loss gimmicks.

These are the complicated ways people normally go about weight loss, and for too many people they lead to dead ends. These complicated solutions are not the secret to permanent weight loss.

I know, because after years of successful weight loss coaching, I’ve met thousands of people who have yo-yo dieted for decades and bought memberships at different gyms along the way and still feel trapped by their weight.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar
In Your Life?

  • You’ve tried all kinds of different diets with no success, or with only short-term success.
  • You’re unhappy with how you look, but your unhappiness goes deeper than just a few extra pounds you’re carrying around.
  • You feel like you don’t have enough energy, and not enough time to rest, all leading to increased irritability.
  • You feel that you’re not aging gracefully, and, not knowing how to change it, you focus on cosmetic fixes to cover it up.
  • You have health issues that you’ve come to accept as normal for you. Maybe you have digestive problems, constipation, bloating, or insane cravings for sweets. Maybe you have trouble sleeping, or new, stubborn allergies. Whatever it is, you have started to believe it’s normal when previously it wasn’t.

If So, Get Ready To Achieve Your Ideal Weight
And Stay There…Permanently

First, the good news: none of these symptoms has to be part of your life!

Next, the really good news: even though losing weight is your goal, learning the secret to permanent weight loss is going to do more than just transform your body.

I’m going to show you how to get your life back!

Imagine This Instead…

  •  MindBody FX Weight Loss Diet BenefitsYou LOVE your body and how you look. You can wear anything you want and you look great. Along with losing weight, you actually look years younger.
  • You have more energy and confidence than you’ve ever had before. You’re up for any challenge, and you know that people will treat you with respect.
  • You feel completely in control of your eating and your life! You no longer feel that your mind and your body are fighting each other.
  • All those recent, uncomfortable symptoms are gone. No more digestive problems, sleeping problems, fatigue, or mood swings. You feel healthy again, all the time.
  • No more dieting or crazy exercise programs. You’ve uncovered the secret to permanent weight loss, and your days of fad dieting and low self-esteem are over, forever.

It feels good to imagine this, doesn’t it? Good, now stop imagining a strict weight loss diet that doesn’t work. I’m going to show you have the body you desire and make this your reality.

Does this sound too radically different from what you feel right now to even dream of achieving? What if I told you my secret to permanent weight loss will literally change your life?

You probably think it’s impossible to be feeling completely different in as little as one month from now. And yet, this is exactly what happened to EJ

“This program literally changed my life…”

Before and After Meal Plan for Weight Loss

“Your program has had such a tremendous impact on my mindset, I have now lost 46 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. This program literally changed my life, and has made it so easy for me to shift to healthier habits. The other unexpected benefit was I’ve got my drinking under control now too!”

~EJ Zbylut

What Weight Loss Secret Could Possibly
Change Your Life Permanently?

When I first started researching the causes of obesity in my own battle with weight loss, I discovered the hard way what you’ve likely already discovered yourself:

Most diet solutions don’t work, and the ones that have any effect only work for a short time. That’s because they’re basically band-aid solutions for a bigger problem. If you stop working out obsessively, stop following that crazy diet, stop taking those pills, or forego the ever-newer surgery solutions, you’re left alone with your weight problem again.

The MindBody FX program is different, because it’s based on the only weight loss secret that taps into the real power to change your body permanently.

Let’s Think About This

In order to grasp the power of the MindBody FX program’s secret to permanent weight loss, let’s compare it with exercise.

Can exercise lead to weight loss? Most of us probably wouldn’t argue with the claim that lots of exercise will ultimately lead to weight loss as long as you continue doing it all the time. But for most of us, exercise is not the answer because lack of exercise is not our fundamental problem with weight.

Nevertheless, some people buy exercise programs and various weight loss programs to lose weight. They accept that exercising muscles regularly can lead to weight loss, so they invest in a program that will teach them exercises to follow.

But what if there were another secret to weight loss, one that has also been proven to work over and over, and one that also involves following simple exercises? And what if those exercises involved a lot less effort than the physical kind?

Which Part Of You Has To Change Before Anything Else Does?

MindBody FX Weight Loss HypnosisAs I suffered through my own trial and error process with weight loss programs, looking for a solution that really worked, I began to notice an important pattern. Every weight loss program I tried involved adding something to my life (like crazy exercise routines or dangerous pills), or subtracting something from it (like the foods I loved). But none of the diet programs or many weight loss diets I tried was focused on how I live my life!

And I started to wonder: if I keep trying solutions that don’t take me into account, how am I ever going to make progress?

Once I arrived at this question, the course of my life changed forever. Asking how a weight loss program was supposed to really change my thinking led me to the secret behind permanent weight loss. It allowed me to go from being a prisoner of my own weight to sharing the secret with others and becoming a successful weight loss coach.

Simply put, what this breakthrough represented for me was the beginning of my final understanding that permanent weight loss is achieved by fundamentally changing how I think about food and weight.

Amazingly, every program I had tried had ignored my mental state. Instead, they bombarded me with exercise and pills, or starved me with extreme diets. When the program was over, so were the positive effects (if there were any!). I still saw myself the same way, my relationship with food was unchanged, and I was still overweight.

“I Have Lost A Total Of 36 Pounds And
22 Inches From My Body!”

Weight Loss Diet Benefits-Before and After“In the first 28 days of using your system I dropped 8 lbs and 2 inches from my waist. I just reached my goal and have lost a total of 36 lbs and 22 inches from my body! I can’t believe how easy it was. This program is amazing!”

~Christine Walker

Who Am I And How Did I Learn The Secret To Permanent Weight Loss?

My name is Melonie Dodaro and I’ve successfully coached thousands of people to achieve and enjoy permanent weight loss.

I regularly contribute as a weight loss expert to television and nationally syndicated radio shows, and I am a weight loss columnist.

Melonie Dodaro - Brendon Burchard - Joe Polish - Paula AbdulTalk about self-conscious! Here I am standing with two of my mentors, Brendon Burchard and Joe Polish, and to turn up the heat they had me pose with the ultimate judge, Paula Abdul!

I’ve authored several books and programs, and I am the founder of MindBody FX, whose products launched the permanent weight loss revolution.

I have a family history of obesity and struggled with weight myself, eventually learning the secret to permanent weight loss and enjoying the healthy body I always dreamed of. 12 years ago I decided to spend my life helping others achieve the same.

I began by opening up a number of weight loss centers. Since then I have studied with the world’s leading mind potential and human behavior experts, and I have been certified in hypnotherapy, NLP, Time Line Therapy, and as a weight loss master coach.

MindBodyFX Lifestyle – Melonie DodaroAlong the way I became a member of several professional associations, including The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The American Board of Hypnotherapy, The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and The Time Line Therapy Association.

I Realized They Made Weight Loss Way
Too Complicated!

Weight Loss ProgramsI’ll be honest with you, I really struggled. My weight loss journey was not an easy one, but I found out in the end that most of the difficulty was completely unnecessary. The fact is, too many people have an incentive to confuse us, and boy did I start out very confused.

Aside from all of the easy-fix products out there, even expert diet information can be confusing and contradictory. One day you’re hearing about new fat-free options, then you’re pushed back to low-carb, or maybe it’s high-protein again.

If you’re like me, none of them have worked. I know you’re trying. You follow expert after expert, and yet nothing clicks. Sometimes you get lucky and it works temporarily, but just as often you actually gain more weight!

As I sorted through all the confusing options in my determination to break the family cycle of obesity, eventually I found that some experts had some things right, and some products were sort of on the right track, but for me, all of them were missing the most important piece necessary for success.

I struggled hard for many years, and at first my failures cost me my self-esteem, my confidence, my energy, and the feeling that I actually control my life and future. I got them back, but I can’t get those years of struggle back.

How many more years will you struggle, now that you know you don’t have to?

Stop Struggling With The Common
Diet Myths!


This is only a partial truth, which is why it is so deceptive! What we eat is a choice, and bad choices are often a symptom of a much deeper problem. In the Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program, I reveal a truth that will literally change the way you look at diet and exercise. You will learn that, while a component to weight loss, diet is not the secret to permanent weight loss.


We’ve lived through fat-free mythology for a few decades now. Seriously, if eating fat-free worked, we’d have a whole society of skinny people. The truth is that we need some fats: all the cells in your body, including the important ones in your brain, require fats. If you focus only on cutting out all fats, you hold on to every last bit of fat you have. Cutting out fats is not the secret to permanent weight loss.


Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy, and the only source useable by your brain. Radically decreasing your carbohydrate intake can result in low energy and decreased mental faculties, but without the weight loss! Cutting out carbs is not the secret to permanent weight loss. The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program reveals the “good” carbohydrates and includes them in your daily meal plan.


Focusing exclusively on exercise frequently leads people to feel that they can indulge the bad eating habits that caused their weight problem in the first place. Exercise is not the secret to permanent weight loss, because it does nothing to change the way you think about your food. The minute you reduce that heavy exercise regimen, the pounds come right back, and no sustainable change in your life was made.

Understand That The Diet Industry Profits
When You Ignore Yourself

Weight Loss DietSometimes, when I look back at my fight with weight, I feel like a fool. I guess we all do. There’s no other way to feel when you’ve been promised results over and over with nothing to show for it but a lighter bank account and a heavier body.

But what made me feel most like a fool is that I began to understand that most of the weight loss industry didn’t really want me to succeed. If I succeeded, they lost a customer.

I know this sounds cynical, but I promise you I’m not cynical about the possibility of losing weight. I know you can do it. I’ve helped thousands do it. But I am cynical about the usual weight loss methods marketed to us.

For me, the analogy I eventually came to embrace wholeheartedly involves car trouble. Car trouble is something I and every one of my clients has experienced in their life, a common problem that never has a common solution. If your car isn’t running right, and you’re not a mechanic, you have to take it in to be fixed. (I’m a fairly technical woman with a lot of skills, but fixing a car is not one of them.)

I ask my clients to imagine the last time they had car trouble, and I ask you to do the same now. Think hard. What was the most frustrating thing about your last car trouble experience? Not surprisingly, the majority of my clients feel the same way I do: while it’s frustrating to know you’re losing time and money, what’s most frustrating is that the problem will likely receive an expensive diagnosis instead of the correct diagnosis.

Why is this? Because, for most mechanics out there (though not all, of course) it’s simply better business to tell you the problem is being caused by something that requires an expensive solution.

But what happens after you’ve spent hundreds of dollars replacing that valve, those special-order hoses, that exhaust pipe, or those axles? Unless you’re working with a mechanic who has a real incentive to actually help you in the long term, you’re likely to be left with the original problem. And then where do you go? Back to the mechanic!

To me, much of the weight loss industry behaves like unscrupulous mechanics, selling us expensive fixes that are designed to siphon cash out of our pockets while keeping us coming back for more help.

When I realized this, I was finally liberated to investigate the effects my own state of mind was having on my weight. My fear was gone. I was too mad at being made a fool of.

I Finally Discovered The Secret To Permanent
Weight Loss

After over a decade of trial and error and a lot of failed experiments with everyone else’s answers, I finally dedicated myself to understanding the missing link to permanent weight loss. Then I developed a system to achieve it from the inside out–no drugs, fad diets, heavy exercise, gimmicks or supplements necessary.

The powerful steps leading to permanent weight loss are far easier than you imagine. Trust me, this is one of the reasons so few people know or even consider the secret. It’s only hard to discover it on your own. It’s not hard to follow.

I will lead you along the simple path to achieving your ideal weight permanently, guiding you past all the complicated and expensive weight loss booby traps I have personally helped so many others avoid. Together we will treat the problem, not perpetuate it.

Now It’s Your Turn

The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program teaches you the secret to permanent weight loss in a comprehensive, total-immersion package.

You won’t ever need to even think about buying any supplements or going on a diet again. Simply put, this program will fundamentally change the way you approach achieving and maintaining your ideal weight.

I want you to look and feel great and live in a body that you love and deserve. You can’t imagine how much this motivates me. If I had discovered a complete lifestyle program with a proper meal plan and exercise plan like this 20 years ago, I could have avoided years and years of heartbreak.

And now you can learn the secret yourself, and quickly and painlessly train yourself to live in a body that is envied, admired, and noticed by everyone. Your ideal body, yours forever.

That’s what Mary Frey did. For her, my weight loss secret helped her shed the heavier body that was causing her to age prematurely and reduce her expectations from life.

“I Fit Into A Pair Of Jeans Which I
Haven’t Fit In For 5 Years”

MindBodyFX – Before and After Weight Loss Diet“You helped me regain my confidence, learn healthy habits and lose 30.4 lbs! I have control over my eating and my life again. And I fit into a pair of jeans which I haven’t fit in for 5 years.”

~Mary Frey

And getting an enviable body is exactly what Jackie Gilbert did, too. She has literally transformed herself so radically that old friends don’t even recognize her anymore…

“This program WORKS! Period.”

MindBody FX – Before and After Weight Loss Diet“This program WORKS! Period. I’ve lost 8 dress sizes and 61 lbs using this system. I’m so grateful for the amazing new lifestyle skills I learned and my great new body.”

~Jackie Gilbert

Why are these women experiencing major weight loss success after years of broken promises from quick-fix programs? After almost giving up entirely? Because they’ve finally taken full advantage of the very real mind-body connection.

Just Like I Did, Many People Initially
Resist The Secret

Now that I’ve successfully coached thousands of people to enjoy permanent weight loss, I have heard just about every conceivable misconception about my secret, and I’ve become familiar with the mental roadblocks clients try to put up before agreeing to follow the simple steps that will ultimately change their lives.

Often the first thing resistors do is ridicule the approach before they understand it. “So, I’m just supposed to think myself thin?” they ask with a tinge of sarcasm. I’ve heard this many times, and I usually reply, “Did you think your way out of bed this morning, and think your way over to my office to discuss your weight problem?” Your body made the necessary movements to take action and do something productive with your day, but how did the decisions get made?

The fact is, it isn’t logical to accept that diet pills and strange foods and extreme exercise can change your weight, but then think the mental rules you follow every day can’t. Taking those diet pills, eating that strange food, and sweating through those painful exercises are all decisions made by your brain! What the makers of those weight loss programs are counting on is that you will layer these new decisions on top of your existing mental routines. What they don’t want is for you to change your existing mental routines.

But that’s what my secret does. It goes to the heart of your weight problem by literally rewriting the mental rules you follow every day, even if you’re not right now aware that you’re following them.Some people may think of it as weight loss hypnosis, but it goes even deeper than that.

Do Professionals And Doctors Ignore The
Mind-Body Effect?

Another question I frequently pose to resistors involves a simple business calculation. When I was a girl, my family taught me that the smartest way to buy an expensive item was to look at the people who relied on that item the most.

For example, if you’re trying to decide what computer to buy, you might look at the most popular desktops among people who really rely on them for a living. Similarly, if you’re comparing cars, you might ask what cars are popular among people who have to drive a lot for their jobs.

The bottom line is, when you look at people whose livelihoods depend on a choice, chances are they’ve made that choice very carefully.

As I point out to some of my initially resisting clients, the same logic holds true for the incredible effect the mind has on the body. So let’s ask: do people whose livelihoods depend on their bodies (or their patients’ bodies) ignore the mind-body effect?

At this point in my conversation with the resistor I could cite the recent clinical study proving that “activating a good-luck superstition” makes you perform better physically (Psychological Science, July 2010), or the landmark study showing how meditation can boost the immune system (Psychosomatic Medicine, August 2003).

But usually I don’t have to, because my client has already started to think about professional athletes, dancers, and physicians. Clearly, these professionals who rely on physical health for their livelihoods do not ignore the role played by their mental conditioning.

From boxers to Olympic medalists, mental training is always high on the list for professional athletes and their trainers. And any little girl who considered a career as a professional dancer knows that it doesn’t mean just committing to hard practice, it means committing to a lifelong dancer’s mindset.

And what about doctors who are asked to treat patients with severe eating disorders? Do they ignore the mind and instruct their patients to just take a pill? Of course not. There are brave physicians every day working hard with suffering patients to change the way they think about themselves and their bodies.

The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program Causes Permanent Weight Loss

MindBody FX – Meal Plan for Weight LossWhat I’m offering you today represents the culmination of my years of permanent weight loss research.

I have taken the most successful elements of the programs I’ve developed so far, including the insights I revealed in my landmark book, The MindBody FX Lifestyle, and combined them into a total-immersion program that guides you to the secret to permanent weight loss.

This is the first time I’ve ever distilled the approach I’ve used to help thousands of clients into a program you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home without having to meet with me personally.

Why am I doing it? Because my secret gets results. After years of perfecting the program, I’m ready for those results to be experienced by as many people who suffer from manipulation by the weight loss industry as possible.

The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program is designed to deliver the results so fast that you’ll see permanent results in less than a month.

I know it will work for you, because it’s actually easier to follow the secret than to not follow it!

Take It From Jennifer, Judi, and Tinda:
Food Is Not Your Enemy

MindBody FX – Before and After Weight Loss Diet“It was so much easier than I ever thought. This program is where self-development meets weight loss. I found the simple action steps easy to understand, and what I most appreciated is that I wasn’t asked to give up my regular meals.”

~Jennifer Graham

MindBody FX – Before and After Weight Loss Programs“I am absolutely thrilled with the progress I made with the permanent weight loss system. By the time I finished the program, I had dropped 4 dress sizes. I can’t say enough about the benefits I have received and how this program has impacted my life. Thank you for allowing me to eat happily again!”

~Judi Whittaker

MindBody FX – Before and After Weight Loss Diet“I cannot believe how easy it has been for me to lose weight with this system. I dropped 29 lbs in 12 weeks and broke the 200 lb mark on the scale for the first time in a decade. I couldn’t be happier and have never felt healthier or more in tune with my eating habits.”

~Tinda Graham

Yes, Permanent Weight Loss, Really

This program really can change your life permanently.

I know this system works, and I know that if you follow it, you will enjoy the same success I and thousands of my clients have.

Within the first four weeks of following this program you will notice a permanent transformation of your body, giving you more energy and a new-found confidence. It really works that fast!

This may seem like an unbelievable claim to you, and being as skeptical as I was for so many years I really couldn’t blame you. But you don’t have to worry that this is a fad diet or gimmick. In fact, let me tell you what The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program is not.

  • This is not a temporary diet plan that will have you losing 5 lbs and gaining back 10 lbs.
  • This isn’t about eating pre-packaged foods or taking supplements that teach you nothing and leave you with the weight again when you stop.

This program is about creating a new mindset and changing your life, permanently.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of the Valuable, Permanent Weight Loss Information You Will Find Inside the Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program…

  • How your mind is sabotaging your weight loss efforts. Yes, your thoughts alone can make you overweight!
  • How your current beliefs are standing in your way and how to create new ones that will empower you
  • How you can create a mindset of success in just 4 simple steps
  • Proven goal setting methods that will help you achieve any weight loss goal you desire (and any other goal in life!)
  • 5 eating triggers to avoid and how to overcome those triggers
  • Simple tools to end emotional eating and overeating for good
  • 3 keys to superior health and wellness
  • 8 Daily Eating Habit Guidelines
  • 3-phase nutrition plan that allows you to gradually make changes toward healthier eating. Small steps now equal solid habits for life. With the nutrition plan, you will learn what to eat, when to eat it and why you’re eating it. You even get 30-Days of Menu Plans with your nutrition plan.
  • How metabolic imbalances may be preventing you from losing weight and how you can naturally overcome them
  • The secret to maintaining your weight loss permanently
  • Comprehensive fitness plan that will accelerate your fat loss – You can complete these exercises in as little as 13 minutes!
  • How using a journal (the right way) can double your weight loss
  • How meditation and yoga can reduce stress and put your body into a state where it actually wants to burn fat
  • Action plans (that you can easily implement) for losing and maintaining weight loss permanently
  • How to go from being the victim to being empowered! Highly successful people understand the victim — and that the empowered live their lives on the empowered end of the continuum and take full responsibility for all aspects of their lives
  • 10 Characteristics Required For Achieving Your Ideal Body
  • How to create affirmations and give them more power and immediacy so you change your habits and behaviors fast – and start shedding off the pounds
  • 3 different approaches to use imagery to reprogram your mind for weight loss
  • How to do what I call the 10-10-10 Speed Booster that will get you to your ideal weight in the shortest amount of time
  • What to do if you have an under-active stomach, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, food sensitivities, under-active adrenals, and Candidiasis

When You Purchase The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program You Will Receive…

MindBody FX Lifestyle Program

  • The MindBody FX Lifestyle Success Guide featuring 235 pages
    of up-to-the-minute information and action plans that guide you
    straight to your ideal weight.
  • A New Mindset. Learn how the mind is conditioned early and recondition it with a new mindset. This is not about psychoanalyzing you, it’s about looking at how you think about food and weight so we can start over together.
  • The ability to set your ideal weight. What should your ideal weight be, and how do you overcome the belief that you can’t get there? I’ll help you clear this hurdle quickly so we can create a personal goal you understand, believe in, and will achieve.
  • The power to control emotional eating. Learn to understand what triggers your eating. The causes are common, but not as common as our collective failure to see the pattern of emotional eating. I’ll show you how to recognize your pattern and stop your emotional eating forever.
  • Three Keys To Superior Health and Wellness. Almost 30 pages of your Success Guide are devoted to the three keys to health and wellness that form the foundation of the secret to permanent weight loss. While every person’s body is different (tell that to the weight loss industry!), these three keys are universal. Understanding them is easy, and once you do, your life will begin changing permanently.
  • A healthy, nutrition routine that will have you shed the pounds forever – without taking extreme measures. Based on the Three Keys, and on sound nutritional data, the Three Nutrition Phases developed by a leading Registered Nutritionist will transition you to a better health routine, help you adjust to it permanently, and then purge the existing toxins remaining from your old eating habits. Achieving permanent weight loss means forgetting about quick-fixes from the diet industry. Achieving permanent weight loss means following the right steps in the correct order, and we’ll do it together in as little as 30 days.
  • A comprehensive nutrition plan designed to work for normal people following simple rules. I’ll show you everything you need to know about how food is affecting your weight loss goals, from general rules about eating choices to complex concerns about food allergies. Each of the Three Phases of permanent weight loss includes its own 10-Day Menu Plan, with program recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks. These foods are easily found at your supermarket, and many of the meals can be made using the easy recipes included right in the Success Guide.This is an easy to follow meal plan that guarantees weight loss.
  • A personal fitness plan based on simple routines that will actually fit into your busy lifestyle. Forget the hype! These simple, low-impact exercise moves are all you need to do to keep toned once the weight comes off. 20 minutes is the maximum time you’ll spend, and after the first few days of the program you’ll find yourself wanting to do simple exercises. (That’s one of the big surprises for many clients!) I’ll explain what the different exercises are designed to do, and give you clear diagrams showing exactly how to do them.
  • 6 Jam-Packed Companion Audio CDs that allow me to personally guide you through The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program. These CDs are critical to replicating the experience of my personal weight loss coaching. By listening to my voice, I am able to make a more personal connection with you that will help you commit to the program more quickly and motivate you to achieve your goal. I will be your champion, right in the privacy of your home or car.
  • The official MindBody FX weight loss journal for recording the progress we make toward your goal. Make no mistake, this is how you communicate to yourself and your body that progress is being made. Many clients feel that this self-communication is what helps them make the change to their thinking permanently. The journal will help you structure your thoughts every day so your weight loss goal is first and foremost in your mind. Your journal can accommodate a full three months of progress, so you can keep proving to yourself and your body that the changes are real!
  • Increased energy and stamina both at work and at home. You’ll be amazed at how much more you get done, how much energy you have, and how it advances your career and improves your family life.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem that reflect how good you feel about yourself and redefine how your family and friends see you.

“These practices will create the mind-set for achieving your ideal weight!”

Denver Post

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    Guided Evening Meditation. A sound sleep free of lingering stressors is critical to your weight loss success, and this audio program will help you get ready for deep, relaxing sleep and reinforces your mental conditioning. ($14.95 value)
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MindBody FX – Meal Plan for Weight LossThe MindBody FX LIfestyle: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection for Permanent Weight Loss eBook. The book that started the permanent weight loss revolution. For a limited time only I’m giving away my landmark book as an instant download, absolutely free. It’s a personal thank you for ordering my Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program. ($19.95 value)

“Lose weight, keep it off permanently”

Tad James – Weight Loss Programs

“The MindBody FX Lifestyle shows you how to create the ultimate healthy lifestyle – with the right mindset. This book will show you how to lose weight but, more importantly, how to keep it off permanently.”

– Tad James Geiger MD – Gilbert, Arizona

“Change your thoughts and beliefs to achieve your ideal weight”

Rose Backman – Weight Loss Diet

“The MindBody FX Lifestyle is an easy read that shows you how to change your thoughts and beliefs to achieve your ideal weight.”

– Rose Backman PhD- Kelowna, British Columbia

“You WILL lose weight”

Brian Tracy - Weight Loss Programs

“When you follow the simple, practical guidance in this book, you will lose weight, feel great, and create a new life.”

– Brian Tracy – Bestselling Author and Professional Speaker

“It applies to more than just weight loss!”

Mark Lucius - Weight Loss Hypnosis

“The MindBody FX Lifestyle is not a diet, it is a way of life. This book helps you overcome the mental blocks and emotional barriers that have stood in your way for years, and it applies to more than just weight loss. I love the healthy and common sense approach to nutrition and fitness, giving you the fundamentals needed along with the right frame of mind. I recommend this book to all my patients!”

– Dr. Marc Lucius – Edmonton, Alberta

“Melonie is a leading authority on weight loss”

Les Brown - Weight Loss Hypnosis

The great part about this book is it incorporates the importance of the mind-body connection. In order to live your dreams you need to be living in a healthy body, one that you desire and deserve.

It’s apparent that Melonie is a leading authority on weight loss and The MindBody FX Lifestyle book has truly found the missing link in the weight loss industry.”

– Les Brown – Motivational Speaker and Author

Where Will You Be In 30 Days?

In the next 30 days, you could learn how to achieve permanent weight loss and ditch many of your bad habits. Or you could continue to walk the weight loss path alone for one more month, trying to sort the half-truths from the misinformation, getting nowhere with no one to guide you.

In the next 30 days, you could start of a fabulous journey towards a brand new way of living where weight loss is only the beginning. Or you could stay on the same path, without any plan for taking control.

So what’s the bottom line?

For every YES inside of you, there is also a no. For every I can!, there is also a disempowering I can’t!

The choice is yours, right now, as you look at this screen. It’s entirely up to you to decide that today is the day you will take action and get your life back. You deserve to have the healthy body and life you dream of. Right now, at this very moment, the only one standing in the way is…..YOU!

I know from personal experience and thousands of weight loss coaching hours that if you dream of a healthier life, you will have no trouble understanding and following the simple steps to achieve permanent weight loss.

30 days from now, you could be closer to your dream body than you ever imagined possible, more easily than you ever imagined possible, and more permanently than you ever imagined possible.

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You’re literally one click away from taking action, and if you’ve made it this far, something inside is telling you there will never be a better time to start then right now.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with the results you achieve with the Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program, just write to me within thirty days.

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What would you pay for the secret to permanent weight loss?

For a step-by-step system that will change the way you think about weight loss and help you achieve your ideal weight forever?

For simple and delicious meal plans that fuel your change, for quick and efficient toning exercises that maximize your change, for program-specific audio meditations that reinforce your change?

For a free copy of my landmark book The MindBody FX Lifestyle?

Now’s your chance to get all of it for less than $7 a day.

All of this is going to cost you exactly $6.63 a day over the next 30 days, which is roughly the cost of a fast food lunch.

$6.63 a day for 30 days to lose the unwanted physical symptoms, to regain youthful energy, to become healthier and achieve your ideal weight, permanently.

Imagine how quickly $6.63 gets spent in a daily life when you’re suffering from a weight problem!

Chances are you’ve already spent more than $6.63 today on clothes or make-up or hair coloring, all in an attempt to try to cover up your unhappiness with your body.

And chances are even better that spending $6.63 a day on the latest fad diet will end up totally wasted, with the weight coming right back on after all that effort and hunger.

Wouldn’t you rather have to spend money on new clothes for your new body?

It’s time to lose the weight permanently, and we’re going to do it together.

"Too Fat To Run And Play"

MindBody FX – Weight Loss Diet46 year-old Barbara Smithson (not her real name) spent most of her life in denial. When she came to me last year, she’d worked as a creative executive at a well-known fashion magazine for 10 years and really loved her job. But over the previous 21 years she’d steadily gained 55 pounds, 15 of them in the last 3 years.

Her weight embarrassed her, so she regularly turned down invitations to go out, instead going home after work. Her self-esteem was very low, and her weight was continuing to climb to over 200 pounds.

She was in denial, and she was lonely. Then, one day her four year-old niece told her that she was too fat to run and play. That’s what finally woke Barbara up; she realized that if she was too old to run and play at 46, where would she be at 55? That became her motivation to change. She wanted to be in good health for her niece as she grew up.

Like I was when I started out, Barbara was very skeptical of diet programs, and after months of thinking about it, she finally followed up on a friend’s referral to me. Once Barbara started with the program she quickly became aware of what was causing her weight problem. For her it was like turning on a light bulb.

Using the tools and techniques I’ve packed into The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program, Barbara was able to identify and resolve what had kept her stuck on the issue of food. She found herself suddenly convinced that she could overcome the physical, emotional, and mental addiction she had established with food for most of her otherwise successful life.

So far, Barbara has lost a total of 52 lbs and has gone from a size 16 to a size 6. More than losing the weight, Barbara’s self-esteem has skyrocketed, she’s less stressed at work, and, perhaps most important, she’s become very social again.

$399.00 Special Offer: $199.00


When Barbara came to me last year there was no Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program. And there was no way to access my secret to permanent weight loss for only $6.63 a day.

You’ve never seen anything like this offer before, and you won’t see it in stores.

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Honestly, it doesn’t matter where you are in your weight loss journey.

It doesn’t matter whether your ideal weight is 5 pounds away or 150 pounds away.

It doesn’t even matter whether you’re convinced right now that the secret to permanent weight loss will work for you.

None of that matters because my program works for everyone by giving them simple steps to follow each day, including an easy to follow meal plan designed for weight loss and improved health.

In my experience, these are the only techniques that lead to permanent, lifelong weight control.

Ready For Permanent Weight Loss?
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Are you ready to achieve your ideal weight with The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program? Good, because I sincerely wish I had been offered this choice 20 years ago, and I’m ready to help.

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It’s your time! Time for you to take control over your life and your body!

To your permanent good health,

Melonie Dodaro - Weight Loss Diet Expert

Melonie Dodaro

Master Weight Loss Coach, Columnist, Speaker, and Author of The MindBody FX Lifestyle and The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program

P.S. Remember, this is not another one of those diet plans that tells you what you should or shouldn’t eat. For over 12 years I’ve watched a 95% failure rate for those weight loss programs. You need a program that changes your behavior so you keep the weight off when you’re done with it. Click here to get the secret to permanent weight loss…

$399.00 Special Offer: $199.00

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