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Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight loss successMany people look to celebrities for fashion tips, for the latest gossip or even for motivation to change their personal lives. Have you been looking to your favorite celebrities for weight loss success stories to inspire you to remake your own figure?

If you have seen celebrities whittle down their chubby physique to fit into the million dollar Galliano gowns they wear on the red carpet, then you have probably wondered how they did it.

Here are a few weight loss stories from your favorite A-listers to inspire you to make your own changes:

Watch What You Eat

Kim Kardashian may have what seems to be a flawless figure, but she works hard for it. She exercises weekly and also watches her food choices. More recently she has mentioned that she wakes up to turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast and salad or fish for lunch. Following a sensible diet means that you don’t starve yourself, but that you eat enough calories to sustain a great figure, and reduce them if you are still working toward one.

Breastfeed Like an Underwear Model

Victoria Secret’s model, Miranda Kerr says that breastfeeding helped her to loose extra weight after giving birth. Many women report a similar boost to their post-baby figures by breast-feeding. Although it is not an option for every woman, breastfeeding can burn as much as twice the calories you are normally used to consuming, so it is a great way to get your pre-baby body back. It is also great for building your baby’s immune system, too.

Choose Pre-Made Meals to Limit Caloric Intake

Mariah Carey wanted to lose weight after having her baby and relied on pre-prepared meals that have the exact number of calories you need to consume daily if you are trying to lose weight. This ensures that you don’t over-eat. If you have a problem limiting portion sizes or knowing what to eat, programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers can help do the calculating for you. For busy men and women, this can be a godsend.

Do it the Old Fashioned Way

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston limit their calories and workout vigorously several times a week. Aniston has been known to champion spinning classes and yoga, while Alba limited her caloric intake to 1200 calories a day, and did four, 90-minute workouts a week. For true weight loss success, look at Hillary Swank. She had to lose fat and put on over 10 pounds of muscle in a very short time. In preparation for Million Dollar Baby, she did almost two hours of boxing plus over an hour of weight training six days a week for 90 days to get ripped for her part.

Staying fit means eating right and keeping active…it’s one of the oldest recipes around! Have you seen another favorite celebrity break through her plateaus with weight loss success?


End Yo-Yo Dieting With Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach

Many people who have been struggling with their weight are sick and tired of all the crazy diets out there that have left them still overweight and with lost hope. Most weight loss programs are a one size fits all approach and are very impersonal. Well if we’re all different how can one approach work for everyone?  The key is to find a program that includes expert one-on-one weight loss coaching.

To have someone to really support your unique situation, hold you accountable, give you expert nutrition and fitness guidance could be exactly what you need to finally beat this cycle of yo-yo dieting! Having a personal weight loss coach is completely unlike following any of the standard and more well known programs out there like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, U Weight Loss or LA Weight Loss.

Why you want to hire your own personal weight loss coach?

•    You’ve failed many times and you’re sick and tired of dieting
•    You know how to lose weight but you just can’t seem to get started
•    You don’t have the faith that you can succeed
•    You think you doomed to remain fat and unhappy for the rest of your life
•    You are suffering from a trauma or pain causing you to eat emotionally
•    You eat to feel guilty afterwards

If any of those sound familiar than having a weight loss program completely geared to you with your own personal coach will make all the difference.

How can a weight loss coach help you?

Weight loss coaching is a great choice for people who want to lose weight and keep it off forever. Whatever your reason is for losing weight, a weight loss coach can help you achieve this. But first, it all starts with your decision. Are you willing to do it? I mean are you really serious about it? When that moment comes, don’t hesitate to consult a personal weight loss coach because these are just some of the many benefits you will experience.

The benefits of weight loss coaching

1.  A weight loss coach is your own personal support person. The good thing about weight loss coaching is that your coach will guide you to lose weight step-by-step. A weight loss coach provides you with all of the support, encouragement, and motivation that you need to become a better, fitter, healthy, more confident YOU!

2.  A weight loss coach WILL hold you accountable. Your coach will see to it that you are on the right path by consistently checking on your progress and holding you to the commitments you’ve made. A good weight loss coach will never judge you even if you fall off track a little. They will be there to keep you on track and moving you in the direction of your goals.

3.  Having your own weight loss coach helps you to set goals and stick to them. Your coach will help you create realistic and achievable goals and teach you strategies you need to reach them.  Your coach will guide you in the right direction and will also educate you on how to maintain your slim new figure long after your weight loss coaching is over.

4.  Your weight loss coach will help you focus and progress rapidly, much quicker than you would on your own. Losing weight with the help of a weight loss coaching support system is far better than doing it alone. Since weight loss coaches are well versed in both fitness and nutrition they’ll be able to show you the fastest and safest way to a healthier you.

5.  A weight loss coach helps to makes losing weight a fun experience. They’ll keep you motivated and happy while sticking to your weight loss program.  Your coach will keep things light when necessary and add some humor and fun into your experience.

These are just some of the many benefits of signing up for some weight loss coaching to fast track you on your way to a body you are happy and proud of.


Jennifer Hudson Sheds Pounds With Weight Watchers But Is The Diet Good For Us Average Folks?

Jennifer Hudson, the academy award winner with the booming, soulful singing voice, is the newest face for the Weight Watchers diet program. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, it involves the use of a Points system, combined with weigh-ins and meetings. Admittedly, Weight Watchers may work for some people in the short-term, but like many “plans” are often not effective for long term, weight loss maintenance.  This is because diet plans that don’t address the mental and emotional aspects of weight problems and overeating, thus they are doomed to fail. Once a person begins to feel the pain or despair, which had driven them to gain weight in the first place, they will begin to overeat once again.

“They will begin to overeat again.”

For many people, the connection between their emotions and weight gain is pretty substantial.  Many individuals that are either overweight or obese have become that way because they are emotional eaters. They consume food because they are sad, when they are happy, and sometimes simply out of boredom. These issues have to be addressed before an individual can lose weight or at least keep it off. This is true even if they have managed to shed a few extra pounds in spite of any unresolved issues that contributed to their weight gain in the first place. Even these individuals will have trouble keeping the weight off, unless the underlying issues are addressed.

“They will have trouble keeping off the weight if the underlying issues are not addressed.”

Paying for the pleasure of losing weight, over and over again is another problem with many of these types of weight loss plans. Monthly memberships often aren’t affordable, especially in this economy. A much better approach would be to learn how to eat well and then nurse back to health, those mental and emotional injuries which contributed to the weight gain in question. Purchasing one great guide on proper nutrition and then doing the hard work necessary to free oneself from emotional eating and/or self-sabotage is a more efficient use of resources.

“Many people invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars on programs that don’t work.”

Weight loss plans such as NutriSystem and Weight Watchers can be effective in helping some people lose weight. It is the ability to keep the weight off via these programs that is the problem. Many people invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these types of programs, only to be back where they started one year later, with less money and nothing to show for it.  Plans such as these or any diet plan for that matter will not bring about long term results unless the person who follows it indefinitely and deals with the issues which contributed to them gaining weight in the first place.

Permanent Weight Loss is what is needed!

If you are looking for a permanent way to keep the pounds (that you may have lost using my 28-Day Fat Blast System or your own diet and exercise plan) from coming back then check out my Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program.

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A New Year’s Resolution with a Difference

For the last several years (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010), you made the same old New Year’s Resolution:  Lose the extra weight!  What happened?

To motivate yourself, you took a look in the mirror, maybe in your underwear, and went, “Ugh!”  You hated the way you looked without clothes on — and also with clothes on.

As a punishment of sorts, and to bring about some change, you trotted off to Weight Watchers, or some other weight loss center, or maybe just the gym.  Or maybe you went the do-it-yourself route and stocked up on shakes, bars, and other weight loss “food” from the grocery store.  The result was the same:  deprivation and suffering.

You put up with the self-deprivation for a few days, maybe weeks, and a few pounds came off.

Unfortunately, you were also miserable — and being hungry all the time chipped away at your motivation.  Was this really worth it?  And when, sooner or later, the weight loss stopped, the answer became a resounding “NO!” 

So eventually, you started “cheating,” or you simply gave up altogether — and the weight came right back, with dividends.

If that sounds familiar, you may want to try something DIFFERENT in 2011:

Roll in the New Year with New Lifestyle Habits — and get rid of the old ones that didn’t work for you.

Here are some habits you might want to start right now:

1) Be kind to yourself
2) Laugh and smile more
3) Drink at least 8 ounces of water every day
4) Eat more vegetables
5) Get a good night’s sleep every night
6) Move your body every day
7) Find at least 5 things to be grateful for every day
8) Visualize yourself in perfect health and at your ideal weight
9) Do random acts of kindness both to those you love and strangers
10) Follow through on what you say
11) Read a self development book — here’s one I think you’ll enjoy:
12) Never give up

These should help you feel better within just a couple of days, and they are a good start when it comes to losing weight.

And if you are really serious about making 2011 the year you finally drop those extra pounds and start liking the way you look in your clothes (and maybe even without your clothes on), then I have a New Year’s treat for you:

Go to and claim your half-price special.  Not only will my program help you shed the extra holiday pounds, but it will give you more energy and confidence, and of course, it will also improve your overall health. 

So go ahead… start living the life you’ve been dreaming about!

Happy New Year 2011.