How to Lose Belly Fat Tip 4: Can meditation help you lose your belly fat?

Meditation is a great way to help your body get to and stay longer in that ‘rest and digest’ mode. Remember in Tip 2, we covered the importance of moving away from the ‘fight or flight’ mode where your body produces cortisol and that causes more of that fat to be stored in the belly area.

Meditation allows your mind to focus inward, allowing the worries of the day to melt away, and takes that belly fat with it. It gives your body a break from stress, anxiety, the screaming kids, the overdue bills, and the crazy boss. We all need to take more of these mental health breaks more often. Incorporate meditation or another form of mindfulness (yoga, journaling, etc) daily.

You can meditation quietly or follow along with a guided meditation CD. In The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program we have included a Guided Meditation CD, offering both morning and evening meditations that allow you to set your intentions positively for the day and unwind from the day and prepare for a restful sleep. This allows more ‘rest and digest’ time and less ‘fight or flight’ cortisol release.   

Stay tuned for the next strategy I offer which I’m sure you won’t be surprised by but may need to be reminded of!


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