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Now, You Can Attract Clients That Refuse to Quit and Chase After the Next Weight Loss Fad and Gimmick That Does Not Work

“For years I’ve been teaching, writing about and employing “inner game” strategies for weight loss and fitness success, so when I was introduced to the MindBody FX program I immediately realized “THIS IS IT!” There has been so much focus on the outer game tools like diet and exercise that the very reason we’re overweight in the first place, the mind has been grossly overlooked. MindBody FX is the only program of its kind that not only provides the outer game tools but also gets to the emotional/psychological root cause of the issue
Which is why I am proud to partner with the MindBody FX creator Melonie Dodaro to help reach the many overweight women and men who desperately need this program.”
Tom Terwilliger, Former Mr. America, Celebrity Personal Trainer,
Bestselling Author and Speaker

Dear Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Weight Loss Consultants and Nutritionists,

You may be in disbelief when I say you can guarantee weight loss results. But it is true. And why can I say that? Because my MindBody FX Program does not just deal with the physical aspect of weight loss, I focus on transforming the mind. When you combine my program along with your fitness, nutrition or wellness program your clients will achieve permanent results.

CNBC recently reported that weight loss is a $55 billion-a-year industry globally. Yet coaches and personal trainers have the highest client turn-around because their clients continue to yo-yo with their weight. Therefore the clients quit and chase after the next fad.

Something is missing… And, that is…Everyone is focusing on dieting and rigorous exercise. But, if you don’t change the mind
– your clients will fall right back into their old habits. However when you combine emotional and mental aspects along with the physical aspects your clients will get permanent results like this…

“The MindBody FX Lifestyle WORKS! Period. I’ve lost 8 dress sizes and 61 lbs using this system. I LOVE the MindBody FX Lifestyle and my great NEW body!”

~Jackie Gilbert
“This program helped me regain my confidence, learn healthy habits and lose 30.4 lbs! I have control over my eating and my life again. And I fit into a pair of jeans which I haven’t fit in for 5 years.”

~Mary Frey
“Your program has had such a tremendous impact on my mindset, I have now lost 46 pounds and 3 inches from my waist. This program literally changed my life, and has made it so easy for me to shift to healthier habits. The other unexpected benefit was I’ve got my drinking under control now too!”

~EJ Zbylut
You can help your clients achieve the same results as my clients. This will help you retain more clients, who will stay committed and continue to invest in your services, no matter how much you charge. The hard work has been done for you. You just need to follow my plan.

“As a former professional athlete with a degree in Neuropsychology, I have always known that in order to succeed the mind has to empower the physical. I am delighted to finally discover a program that uses to power of the mind in combination with a sound nutrition and exercise plan to achieve permanent weight loss. No other programs are as comprehensive and educating as MindBody FX’s Lifestyle System. Athletes, trainers and coaches that utilize this system with their clients are guaranteed results!”


Nadia Alterio, Canadian Fitness Champion, Former Miss British Columbia and CEO of Smart Women Enterprises
Introducing the MindBody FX Facilitator Training Program:
This exclusive program puts you among the most sought after health and wellness professionals working today. Backed by the power of The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program, your 12-week training and licensing program gives you all the tools you need to…You can help your clients achieve the same results as my clients
Differentiate yourself from your competition — How many other professionals in your industry can guarantee results?
Package and market your services in an exciting new way to both groups and individuals
Combine the physical, emotional and mental aspects of losing weight – now you can give your clients a total Mind-Body Transformation
Who is this opportunity for?
Personal Trainers who want to add an additional revenue stream and really help their clients achieve their weight loss goals
Nutritionists who would like to have a 12-week program to offer their clients to help them achieve better results and you don’t want to have to create this program themselves
Health, Wellness & Life Coaches who wouldYou can help your clients achieve the same results as my clients like to specialize in the lucrative area of Weight Loss Coaching helping your clients with their life’s goals AND making good money
Coaches who are tired of always looking for the next client – Now, you will be able to retain more clients because you will have them emotionally and mentally invested in you.
Anyone who has the desire to truly help people, and wants to set their own hours and have their own coaching business with the potential of a 6-figure income
Your 12-week Facilitator Training Program includes EVERYTHING you’ll need to be successful!
(1) Full 12-week MindBody FX Coaching Program facilitated by Melonie Dodaro and Tom Terwilliger. Tom and Melonie’s unique approach to weight loss has guided thousands of women and men to end their frustration and struggles with weight loss and start living the life they truly desire. Through this one-of-a-kind training program they will show you how to have the same success they have had with helping people achieve lasting results while doubling your income.
(2) 12-week Tele-Training: 2 hours by telephone with Melonie Dodaro once a week. There’s no need to spend extra money on travel expenses or take time off of work, you can have this training in the comfort of your own home. All calls will be recorded for you to listen to over and over again. There will be a sharing of ideas with other facilitators and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get 1-on-1 coaching with Melonie Dodaro during these sessions. Tom will be joining in on several of the calls to share his expertise and help you launch your business successfully.
(3) Complete Business Planning and Marketing Curriculum. You will be guided step-by-step how to deliver this coaching system and how to build a successful coaching business. This will cover everything you need to know on how to set up your new business model, including marketing. You will learn online and offline marketing strategies including social media — something that many health professionals still resist using.
(4) Complete MindBody FX Facilitator’s Guide with each of the twelve sessions fully scripted for phone or live coaching. There is no guesswork with this done-for-you system, just follow the scripts in the facilitators guide and watch the transformation of your clients.
(5) PowerPoint slides for each of the twelve coaching sessions for live coaching. This is for those of you that would prefer to do live coaching both in groups and one-on-one with attractive Power Point Slides to guide you through each of the 12 weeks of the coaching program with your notes below each slide for easy reference.
(6) A FREE copy of The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program. This is the program that you will be facilitating your clients through. The program includes…a 235-page success guide, up-to-the-minute information and action plans, 7 audio CDs, comprehensive nutrition plan, personal journal, Yoga DVD and a goal card.
(7) Business materials including forms and pricing information. This is all done for you, so there is no need for any guesswork. This includes the client release forms you will need, order forms, questionnaires and evaluation forms.
(8) Marketing materials: flyers, press releases, print ads, order forms, email scripts, referral materials. Professional marketing pieces developed for you to help you grow and promote your business within your local community.
(9) PowerPoint slides and fully scripted promotional presentations to attract new clients within your community. This is the best way that you can grow your business at no cost, speaking within your community to attract new clients. This presentation is professionally developed and will help you to attract more clients than you can handle.
(10) Corporate Wellness materials to offer your services to companies. You will even be provided with a sample proposal template and articles you can use to tap into the lucrative corporate market by offering your services to the employees of companies of all sizes.
(11) Access to a Facilitator Forum. You can communicate, share ideas and learn from MindBody FX Coaches all around the world. You will be a part of an exclusivecommunity of like-minded individuals that you can interact and mastermind with.

test"As a life coach, I spent years struggling to attract new clients, and those that I did have were often coming to me to lose weight. Back then, I didn’t have the tools to truly help them, which meant that I was frustrated, and so were my clients.

But all that changed when I participated in the MindBody FX Facilitator Training! Not only did I get the coaching skills I needed, but also the business and marketing skills to create a profitable weight loss coaching business.

I am now able to truly help my clients who are struggling with their weight, and they’re thrilled with the results they’re getting.

As a consequence, I not only have more clients, but they also pay me more than they used to. I’m even able to leverage my time by working with groups rather than just with individuals. I now make 5-10 times more money than I used to make, while working no more hours than I did before

In fact, my wife Patti and I earned our entire investment back in our very first promotional presentation, just one week after we finished our training. I love my new life! I now set my own hours, have more freedom than ever before, and I’m on track to earning a 6-figure income this year.”

~Cameron Gordon, Kelowna, British Columbia
Here is an overview of the curriculum we will cover during your Facilitator Training:
MODULE 1 – Effective Mindset Coaching Strategies
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 1 to your clients which includes Introduction to the Program and Creating Your New Mindset
Effective Coaching Skills
How to write your bio to attract new clients
How to craft your personal story so that potential clients know who you are, that you care and why they should believe you. This will allow you to build your credibility, boost your visibility and attract your ideal client.
MODULE 2 – How to Attract Your Ideal Clients Who Want to Change How They Think About Food and Their Bodies
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 2 to your clients which includes covering Beliefs, Imagery and Meditation
How to identify your ideal client and target market, this will allow you to channel your energies on the people that actually want your services
Where you can find your ideal client, this is the most important thing in determining where and how to promote your services
What materials and resources would most appeal to your ideal client
MODULE 3 – Creating the Ideal Business Image For Yourself & the Ideal Weight Image For Your Clients

You will learn:

I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 3 to your clients which covers Creating Your Ideal Weight Image, Affirmations, Thought Replacement Technique and Journaling
How to set up your business from legal to accounting, you need to know how to set up the structure of your business to ensure success
How to track and organize your business information, this is important to ensure you grow your business month after month and create a schedule that works with your lifestyle
How to write an effective elevator speech, with a great one you will see how easy it will be to network and attract new clients everywhere you go. This is the key explaining what you do to people to attract clients.
Creating clear goals and objectives for your business. This will help you to determine how much money you would like to make, and how many hours you would like to work
MODULE 4 – Making Committed Decisions and Taking Action

You will learn:

I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 4 to your clients which covers Setting Your Goals, Ideal Weight Balance Sheet, Making a Committed Decision and Taking Action
Coaching Logistics — Part II — Where to hold your coaching sessions and information sessions to attract new clients. We will cover all of the logistics of your business.
Planning for your one-on-one and group coaching sessions, live or over the phone, and how to accept payments
You will learn how to promote your services through networking and offering your services to both individual clients and corporate clients
Finding Corporate Clients and providing a Corporate Wellness Program to their employees
Networking with local professionals and have them refer you to their clients
MODULE 5 – Helping Your Clients Gain Control Over Their Eating While You Gain Control of Your Niche

You will learn:

I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 5 to your clients which covers Gaining Control Over Your Eating, Mind and Food, and Fitness
Marketing through Public Speaking — You will learn that this will be the fastest and the least expensive method for growing your business very quickly!
Where you could offer information sessions to promote your coaching services
How to build your credibility through public speaking and develop a referral network
How community involvement can grow your business
How to plan and market for your information sessions to attract new clients
MODULE 6 – Weight Loss and Marketing Success Toolkits

You will learn:

I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 6 to your clients which covers The MindBody FX Nutrition Plan, Eating Choices and Fitness
Your Success Marketing Toolkit — You will receive a number of very powerful marketing resources and learn how to market your business well while positioning yourself as an expert.
How to utilize the marketing materials that are provided to you in your marketing toolkit
How to create effective marketing pieces for special promotions and events
How to get the word out about your coaching services through various online and offline sources
MODULE 7 – All About Optimization (Health, Wellness and PR Opportunities)
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 7 to your clients which covers The Three Keys to Superior Health and Wellness — Key #1: Optimize the Nutrition Being Absorbed by the Body, Key #2: Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels and Key #3: Reducing Toxins in the Body
Using Public Relations and Media to Drive Your Business Success — PR is a wonderful way to get yourself known, build credibility and attract new clients at no cost
How PR can be a very effective and inexpensive way of marketing your services
How to utilize Press Releases to get media attention for free
How to build relationships with the media
MODULE 8 – All About Implementation from Nutrition to Your First Live Information Session
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 8 to your clients which covers Nutrition Plan Implementation Tips — Tips for Choosing the Right Food, Tips for Beginning Your Healthy Lifestyle Plan, Tips for Clearing out Your Cupboards and Fridge, and Tips for Understanding Labels
Coaching Logistics — Part II — Defining the logistics of your business is essential to your success
How to create a flow chart for your information sessions and coaching programs
How to plan for your first live information session and group coaching program
Determine what you will need and how to select the best day and time for your events
MODULE 9 – Setting Guidelines for Nutrition and Your Business
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 9 to your clients which covers the Three Nutrition Phases: Phase 1 – Ideal Beginnings Phase, Phase 2 – Ideal Balancing Phase, Phase 3 – Ideal Cleansing Phase and 8 Daily Eating Habit Guidelines
Coaching Pricing and Policies — You will learn what to charge for your services and why, as well as the importance of setting up your coaching policies
How to customize client release forms
How to charge for your services
Setting up methods to collect payments
Determining your coaching policies
MODULE 10 – How to Offset Imbalances in Health and in Your Business
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 10 to your clients which covers the Metabolic Imbalance Questionnaire, Metabolic Imbalances Part I: Under-active Stomach, Hypothyroidism and Hypoglycemia
Websites, Blogs, Social Media and Internet Marketing — The internet is a great way to get your message out to a lot of people and find clients from all over to offer your services to.
Using social media to attract new clients and promote events
Article marketing, video marketing and other internet marketing options you can use to grow your business
MODULE 11 – Advanced Metabolic Imbalance & Business Networking Training

You will learn:

I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 11 to your clients which covers Metabolic Imbalances Part II: Food Sensitivities, Under-active Adrenals, Candida and the Lifestyle Phase
How to develop strategic partners, learn how you can get other people and businesses to provide you with a consistent stream of referrals
Approaching doctors and medical professionals to refer you to their patients
Using your value network to obtain clients, this is the network that you already have available to you and you will learn how to tap into it immediately for instant referrals
MODULE 12 – Putting It All Together For Your Business and Your Clients
You will learn:
I will demonstrate how to facilitate Week 12 to your clients which covers a Complete Review, Action Plan for Moving Forward and Wrap Up
Putting it All Together For Your Business — Finalizing your business and marketing plan so that you can get out and start building your business right away. You’re ready to start helping people and making money!
How to finalize your marketing plan and begin attracting new clients immediately
How to create and perfect your sales process
How to effectively sell your services
Your Facilitator Guide Includes…
Step-by-step written instructions and complete scripts for delivering the MindBody FX Coaching live or by teleclass
Guidelines, tips, and tricks for conducting group coaching sessions and working with clients 1-on-1
A/V package of illustrations and worksheets in PDF and PowerPoint format
Marketing and enrollment tools, including sample marketing materials, PowerPoint presentations, and real testimonials
Your Bonus MindBody FX Program That You Will Be Facilitating Clients Through Includes…
Seven (7) audio CDs to guide you through The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program. These CDs are critical to replicating the experience of personal weight loss coaching:
235 page Success Guide filled with
up-to-the-minute information and action plans that guide you straight to your ideal weight
Comprehensive nutrition plan designed to work for normal people following simple rules. It’ll show you everything you need to know about how food is affecting your weight loss goals, from general rules about eating choices to complex concerns about food allergies. Each of the Three Phases of permanent weight loss includes its own 10-Day Menu Plan, with program recommendations for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks. These foods are easily found at your supermarket, and many of the meals can be made using the easy recipes included right in the Success Guide.
Your own personal journal to help you measure your results
A yoga DVD with 2 practices, a short and extended one
A goal card
In just 12 weeks you’ll…
See how you can gain and retain more clients by getting them more committed
Learn to tap into the #1 secret that most other health professionals ignore and that is before you can change the body you MUST change the mind
Master the MindBody FX Program and differentiate yourself from the thousands of others health, fitness and wellness professionals in your industry and area
Stop worrying about finding your next client because you will have clients emotionally and mentally invested in you so they won’t be chasing the next fad that comes their way
Discover how to make more money doing what you love anyway, so you might as well get paid for it
Learn how to get clients lining up to pay you for your advice
And utilize the secrets of our proven weight loss program to change their lives
Are you ready for 12 weeks of exciting learning
that will kick-start your new career as a
Licensed MindBody FX Coach?
You get the entire MindBody FX Facilitator Training Program and MindBody FX Coach Certification, including
License to facilitate and promote MindBody FX Coaching Programs
First year’s license fee waived ($500 annual renewal fee applies to future years)
Annual updates to material as needed
FREE copy of The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program
The opportunity to purchase MindBody FX programs and products at wholesale prices and mark them up for resell
Email and phone support
This sounds fantastic Melonie & Tom,

but how much is this going to cost me?

You might expect to invest $5,000 or $10,000 or even more for a complete training program that will empower you toward financial freedom. But right now through this exclusive offer you get the certification, training program and licensing upon successful completion for a single payment via Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or check of only $1,747 USD*. That’s less than $21 a day to learn how to offer your clients the programs they want and need and put yourself on a path to financial freedom
With less than 2 new (one-on-one) clients

you will earn your entire investment back!


For a limited time you can also get the program and training with our easy payment offer of 3 monthly payments of just $649.00*.
*Canadian residents add GST or HST

Ready to get started?
Yes Melonie & Tom! I want to transform my business and start making more money doing what I love!
For my investment of $1,747, I understand I am going to get everything I need to launch a lucrative career as a MindBody FX Coach.
Plus as a special bonus I’m also going to get a 1-on-1 Strategy Call with Melonie to ensure that I have a successful launch of my new coaching business.
Facilitator Training

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*If you choose a payment plan, please note the payments will be billed at 30-day intervals.

Space is limited so register today!
Your participation is backed by our 100% MindBody FX Guarantee.
Your participation is backed by our 100% MindBody FX Guarantee. If you decide, for any reason, to not take part in the MindBody FX Facilitator Training and Licensing Program, at any time up to 4 weeks before the start of training you can receive a full refund of your registration price, less shipping and handling charges. If products were shipped to you before canceling you must return the products unopened and unused for the full refund. There will be no refunds issued until everything has been returned.

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Meet Your MindBody FX Facilitator Trainers
About Melonie Dodaro

Melonie Dodaro, renowned author and weight loss coach is the founder and CEO of MindBody FX Weight Management Company, the leader in weight loss specializing in changing the way people think so they can achieve permanent weight loss.

With a family history of obesity and her own struggles with her weight, Dodaro searched for ways to lose weight without going through all the ups and downs that most programs offer. Through her research, Dodaro realized the mind was the missing component in traditional weight loss programs. It’s the difference between people achieving their goals or struggling on with the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster. That’s when she wrote her landmark book The MindBody FX Lifestyle to incorporate mental well-being with proven weight loss techniques.

After discovering this breakthrough and helping thousands shed the extra pounds permanently Melonie has become one of the nation’s leading weight loss experts who now contributes regularly in nationally syndicated radio shows. She’s even the featured weight loss coach on the television show 180 Life & Style Makeovers.

Now you can learn how to help your clients harness the power of the mind, just like Melonie.

About Tom Terwilliger

Tom Terwilliger, known as “The Achievement Mentor” is a former National Bodybuilding Champion (Mr. America), Fox Sports Net TV show host, ACSM Certified fitness professional, internationally known fitness authority and #1 bestselling author of 7 RULES of Achievement. As fitness coach Tom has personally worked with such notables as Regis Philbin, Cindy Crawford, the late Gregory Hines, Eddy Murphy and several other high profile clients to achieve extraordinary results. As empowerment and executive coach and speaker Tom has and continues to help change the quality of life for thousands of people throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.