Eat the Peels of These 8 Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

We need to understand the nutrient value of the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables. Most of the time, we discard the fruit and vegetable peels throwing them out instead of eating them. When you do this you are losing out on many nutrients. Research and studies show that these castaways are packed with disease fighting nutrients that play a very essential role in keeping our body fit and healthy. So, keep the peeler away from them and eat the skin. Imagine the boost of nutritional intake that we are going to provide our body with. So, what you have to learn here is – Don’t go for the peeler and If you have to peel off the skin, then DON’T throw it away; as most of the time there are more vitamins and minerals in the skin than in the rest of the fruit or vegetable.
Here are some of the different healthy foods whose peels can be so important for your health. Learn to incorporate them into your diet:

1. Potato: About 50 % or more of the potato’s hunger-quelling fiber is in its skin. You can make the peels into potato crisps. How you can do it is to take a baking sheet, place the peels on it, sprinkle some oil on them, add salt and pepper and bake until crisp. You can also add chilli flakes for some extra zing.

2. Apple: The apple peel is filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants help ward off cancer. You can add these peels to a sandwich. Use whole grain bread as it is more nutritious.

3. Orange: The orange peels contain a compound that could protect one from skin cancer. You can add these to simple stir fried vegetable dishes. First you have to finely chop the peels and toss them in with your veggies. Don’t forget to add some spice. Want to go sweet, then make some delicious marmalades.

4. Kiwi: These fruit peels are rich in vitamin E and have flavonoids that help strengthen the body’s immune system. You can add these to fruit and yogurt drinks. Blend in well and drink up!

5. Carrot: As everyone knows, carrots are rich in beta carotene which helps protect the eyes, skin and immune system. You can add the peels to burgers or even a meat loaf. When making soups and stews, simply wash and leave the skins on when you chop and add them.

6. Banana: The banana peel is rich in serotonin that relieves depression in individuals. So what you can do when you are feeling low is to boil the peel for about 10-15 minutes and drink the water (after it cools down of course).

7. Cucumber: Eat cucumber slices with the peel on. Most of us tend to scrape it off. Stop that and start including it in your meal. Eating with the skin is nutritious as it contains silica that is very beneficial for healthy skin, hair and nails.

8. Watermelon: You can use the watermelon rinds to make some yummy sweet pickles. This could be an excellent accompaniment for some lovely dishes in your diet.

So, go ahead and enjoy these A-Peeling fruits and vegetables. Whether on a diet or not, prepare a good meal plan and incorporate these into it. It is good for the overall health, So Eat Them, Don’t Trash Them!
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