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MindBody FX Weight Management Company has developed a new leading-edge concept in weight management through her weight loss programs, revolutionizing the weight loss industry. We believe weight loss begins with changing the way you think, eliminating your limiting beliefs so you can achieve your ideal weight and have lasting results. Founder and CEO Melonie Dodaro who is also a weight loss coach, saw firsthand the flaws in the weight loss industry in her 10 years of being involved with large franchise weight loss companies.

MindBody FX is comprised of a team of experts in the fields of mind potential, nutrition and fitness. Melonie’s mission was to create weight loss programs with a new approach to weight loss, one that actually ends the cycle of yo-yo dieting for people all around the world. Her passion for finding the key to successful weight loss led her to research, earning certifications in hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) master practitioner, motivational coach, life coach, weight loss master coach, and social and emotional intelligence coach and founding this company called MindBody FX Weight Management Company. By focusing on the power of the mind-something missing from all other weight loss solutions she’d seen-Melonie has produced a program that teaches lifestyle change, starting from using the power of your mind to achieve lasting results.
MindBody FX – Fitness Wellness Coach – Weight Loss Programs
The MindBody FX philosophy is that when you change your mindset, you’ll finally release the weight your mind’s been holding onto, reach the weight at which you look and feel your absolute best, and maintain this optimum weight for the rest of your life. If you’ve been on a weight rollercoaster for most of your life, and feel you’ll never be able to achieve your ideal weight.MindBody FX has been designed just for you.

The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program provides a wide range of support materials; success guide, journal, audio program, dvd and online support. Melonie who is also a wellness coach has also written a book, The MindBody FX Lifestyle – Mastering the Mind-Body Connection for Permanent Weight Loss, which offers a step-by-step guide to changing your thoughts, beliefs and habits, and provides scientific information on fitness, nutrition and how different foods affect your body and mind. This powerful book enables you to individualize a program to work within your lifestyle and achieve your ideal weight.

MindBody FX will show you how you can gain control over your life and eating. You will also discover how to end the cycle of yo-yo dieting so you can live a life full of energy, confidence, improved relationships, better health and fitness, being a great role model for your family, feeling desirable and attractive, and looking great in anything you want to wear from a bikini to a sexy black dress!

MindBody FX Weight Management Company Inc.

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Meet The MindBody FX Team

Melonie Dodaro – Weight Loss Coach – MindBody FX“Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.” ~John Ruskin

Melonie Dodaro, weight loss coach and author of The MindBody FX Lifestyle, is fiercely committed to guiding weight-challenged people ready for a big change to finally drop their excess pounds and keep them off. As Ruskin says in his quote, the key is not just to give people information, but to help them apply it in their lives.

And Melonie doesn’t just have the theoretical knowledge. She’s been there herself, and after years of research, she has finally figured out what it takes and has lost more than 30 pounds that had been making her miserable for many years — and she has kept them off ever since.

Now, Melonie who is also a wellness coach wants you to have the same benefits so you can feel good when you look in the mirror, feel confident about how you look in your clothes, and live a long, healthy life filled with energy and joy.

If you’re looking for a weight loss coach who can finally help you achieve your goal of lasting weight loss — and guarantee the results — you’ve come to the right place. With more than 12 years of experience working with clients facing similar challenges and concerns, and guiding them to achieve remarkable results, Melonie’s mission and commitment is to support you too in achieving your own weight loss goals. How would you like to leave behind those excess pounds that have been dragging you down for years, and keep them gone for good.

Melonie’s path to provide support for women (and men) with weight loss challenges became clear at an early age. Growing up in an obese family while being “only” 30 pounds overweight, she was seen as “the skinny one” and ridiculed in her efforts to lose weight, when she really needed support. Melonie felt strongly that no one should ever have to go through that sort of thing, and she resolved right then and there that if she were to ever figure out how to actually lose the weight and keep it off, she would help others do the same.

It took a number of years and many false starts until Melonie finally learned the “secret” — that the mind was the key to weight loss success. And ever since, she has made good on her promise from way back and has helped thousands of clients achieve their own weight loss goals through her weight loss programs.

Here are a couple of examples of what Melonie’s clients who have enrolled in her weight loss programs have to say about their weight loss success:

“I had always struggled with my weight, or at I least used to. I tried many diets and nothing worked; I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t keep weight off. I finally found the answer with Melonie’s MindBody FX program. I had to fix the cause of my weight problems, which surprisingly wasn’t at all about food. I feel great now as a size 8!” ~Leslie Arnold – San Diego, California

“I had given up all hope of losing weight. Each time I’d try a new diet I’d sabotage myself within days. Melonie taught me to think differently and that was the key to my success. Nothing else has ever worked for me before. In the first month of my coaching program with Melonie I lost 2 dress sizes! ~Sandra Hall

You too can claim those benefits for yourself when you take Melonie up on her invitation to discover how she can support your weight loss success.

What she loves most about her work is the huge difference it makes in her clients’ lives! They start out depressed, discouraged and usually very tired — after all, they’ve been lugging around dozens of extra pounds every waking hour — usually for years! Yet after just a few weeks, they see that it’s working, and as the pounds drop off, they feel lighter, more energized, and more confident with a higher degree of fitness.

If you’ve unsuccessfully tried to lose weight before, you’ve probably beaten yourself up as you failed time and time again to find success. The basic concept seemed easy enough — calories in and calories out. Diet and exercise.

But you found out the hard way that the traditional approach to weight loss just didn’t work. And it wasn’t your fault, even though your former weight loss coaches or consultants, your personal trainers or dieticians, and maybe your doctors all laid the blame squarely on your shoulders.

How would you like a different approach, one that really works! An approach, where the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss are taken into consideration, and where you get the support you need to handle those aspects first. Then, you’ll find it easy to incorporate Melonie’s healthy and enjoyable approach to eating and moving your body into your lifestyle permanently through her MindBody FX weight loss program.

How do you know that Melonie can do all that? Over the years, as a wellness coach, her expertise has been recognized in a number of ways. She’s got certifications in hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and well as several coaching areas (fitness, weight loss, and more).

As one of the nation’s leading weight loss experts, Melonie contributes regularly to nationally syndicated radio shows and publications around the world. She’s also featured as the weight loss coach on the television show 180 Life & Style Makeovers.

Melonie has received international acclaim as the author of The MindBody FX Lifestyle: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection for Permanent Weight Loss and The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program: A Total Transformation System for Permanent Weight Loss.

Melonie’s 28-Day Fat Blast program has helped countless people get a jumpstart on dropping unwanted pounds and keeping them off. And her “Why You Can’t Lose Weight” Consumer’s Guide helps people sort through fads and facts and exposes “The 7 Biggest Myths in Weight Loss.”

And now, Melonie would like YOU to have her Consumer’s Guide as her gift to you, along with a free preview of her book, to give you a fresh start on your own weight loss journey. Click here www.MindBodyFX.com and type in your information for instant access.

Tom Terwilliger – Personal Trainer - FitnessTom Terwilliger

Tom Terwilliger, former Mr. America is a Celebrity Personal Trainer and the Bestselling Author of 7 RULES of Achievement. He has partnered with Melonie Dodaro, the founder of MindBody FX to help teach personal trainers, coaches and health and wellness professionals on how to create a successful business helping people lose weight as a MindBody FX Coach.

Tom is known as the The Achievement Mentor has been featured as the Fox Sports Net TV show host and an ACSM Certified fitness professional. As a fitness coach Tom has personally worked with high profile clients like Regis Philbin, Cindy Crawford, Eddie Murphy and several others to achieve extraordinary results. As an empowerment and executive coach and speaker, Tom has and continues to help change the quality of lives for thousands of people throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

John Bigatton – Personal Trainer – FitnessJohn L. Bigatton, BSc, MSc,MSpSc

John Bigatton is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Peak Performance Consultant for MindBody FX Weight Management Company. He brings 16 years of experience in fitness and nutrition to the company’s team of experts.

Bigatton has consulted for competitive sports teams and top athletes, helping them achieve high-caliber performances by reprogramming the mind and conditioning the body.

He has developed the “SSS” Training System, a proven method that helps people achieve dramatic weight loss by training for as little as 13 minutes a day. This system has been incorporated into The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program.

Bigatton holds master’s degrees in clinical biochemistry and sports science, and a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. He is also a certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and Time Line Therapy™

Angela Wright – Nutritionist – Weight Loss ProgramsAngela Wright, BSc, CNP,RNCP

Angela Wright is the creator of The MindBody FX Nutrition Plan for MindBody FX Weight Management Company. She has a decade of experience with inorganic chemistry and nutrition.

At MindBody FX, Wright focuses on helping people take small steps toward making better dietary and lifestyle choices so they can achieve optimum health and emotional wellness.

Wright is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), registered with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC). She received her Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) designation from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Ontario. Previously, she earned her bachelor’s degree with honors in environmental science, and a minor in chemistry and biology from the University of Waterloo.