Melonie Dodaro–Wellness CoachAbout Melonie Dodaro

Hi, my name is Melonie Dodaro. I’m a weight loss expert and master coach, but I sure didn’t start out that way. In fact, I went out to learn all about weight loss and how to lose weight fast because I had big weight problems of my own that I had been struggling with for years!

You may find it hard to believe when you see me now, but I grew up in an obese family. Even though I was 30 pounds overweight myself, in my family’s eyes, I was “the skinny one.” And I suppose it must have seemed that way to them — comparatively speaking — but those extra pounds made me miserable and unhealthy, and they left me with very little energy and self-esteem. Yet my family simply couldn’t understand why I was trying to lose weight, not that I managed to lose much.

For years, I tried every diet I could find, from low-fat to low-carb and many variations in between, but none of them worked quite the way they were supposed to — and none of them helped me keep off what little weight I did manage to lose.

Then I had what I thought was a brilliant idea! I wanted to open a business and decided to buy a weight loss center franchise. I started with one at first, and eventually I had five weight loss centers. I figured that this would finally help me lose fat and help others do the same. Fat chance!

As I learned later, the franchisers’ diet and exercise plans, just like the diets I had tried before, were all missing the key ingredient to success. As a result, I continued to struggle with my weight — and so did my clients. After all, 95% of the people who attempt a weight loss program end up either not losing at all, or regaining their weight.

Once I realized that there was that missing link, I sold my weight loss centers and went on a mission — to learn everything I could about what DID work. Studying with a number of different human behavior experts, including many of those that starred in the blockbuster hit DVD “The Secret,” I found the real answers at last.

Putting all that information to use, I finally lost more than 30 pounds and have kept them off ever since. I also wrote my book, The MindBody FX Lifestyle, where I laid out why traditional diets just don’t work, and what works instead. I’ve also developed a complete system ‘MindBody FX’ to help people create the mindset necessary for success and then teach them healthy new lifestyle habits that they can maintain for life.

Now, as a wellness coach, I share what I have learned with my coaching clients, helping them lose their own excess pounds and keep them off, whether they’ve been yo-yo dieting for years, losing the same 20 pounds over and over again, or whether they never before managed to lose a single ounce.

I’ve since developed a business system where I teach coaches, personal trainers and other health and wellness coaches to use the MindBody FX system, and where I give them tools to create more success for their own clients and greater success in their business.

To learn more about me feel free to read my blog posts and also join me on Facebook and Twitter.