9 Diet Lies and How to Spot Them

fad dietsA fad is defined by Merrian Webster as an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities. Does this sound like the latest fad diets that you’ve fallen victim to? Diet fads are called a craze for a reason. It is nuts to believe in them, but people do.

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Here are 9 diet lies and how to spot them so you don’t get suckered again:

  1. Lazy couch potato diet. That’s the title for a real fad diet. Amazing. Let’s face it anything that goes against common sense is a diet lie. We all know that sitting on your sofa eating junk food will never help you to become healthy and lose weight, so don’t get suckered if it doesn’t pass the old minimum IQ test, then it won’t help you lose weight.
  2. You can reset your genetic code to be thinner. This is a flat out lie. Unless you are going to show up at a lab at Harvard Medical school for your genes to be spliced and diced, you cannot alter your genetic code. It is like your fingerprint. You can work with the genetics you already have, however, to alter patterns, which are pre-existing in your family. This holds true for Diabetes and Heart Problems especially where diet is related. Eat better and get active to circumvent issues that many of your relatives have had.
  3. A product claims it can alter your metabolism. FALSE! While a product can change your glucose levels to alter your need to eat or lower your cravings, such as some Ayurvedic herbs will do, they cannot change your metabolism. These products will not change your metabolism, though, and you will still need to alter your overall diet and exercise. Just taking a bunch of fiber pills, for example, won’t help you lose weight and change your metabolism.
  4. Another weight loss lie is that you can eat whatever you want and still lose pounds. A calorie consumed is one that has to be burned, so while changing your diet to include more nutritious foods will usually cause you to lose weight, this is because you are also consuming fewer calories and feeling more satiated. Thermodynamic laws cannot be undone, even when applied to the body.
  5. fad dietsYou can’t regain the weight you lose while on _______ (fill in the blank of a product name). This is another lie. If you go back to sitting on the sofa all day and eating more calories than you burn, of course you will gain back the weight. This is why lifestyle change is so important to long-term health.
  6. Lose 5 pounds per week! This is another fad diet lie. It is only really safe to lose 1-2 pounds of body weight a week, otherwise you should see your doctor or a trained health professional. Weight loss of more than 2 pounds a week will usually result in weight gain once a diet or exercise regime is stopped.
  7. Anything that says it is 100% successful is a fad diet lie. Nothing is 100%, not even the US Postal Service.
  8. Fad diets often tell you that weight loss professionals don’t know what they’re talking about, but that the product they are selling you is brilliant and based on lots of research. You can pay almost any company or lab in the world to produce results that are positive to promoting your product. You cannot fake a four-year degree from a University in nutrition and alternative health.
  9. Start losing weight today! We’ve all wanted so badly to believe in this one, especially when that high school reunion or special date pops up without us realizing it, but let’s get real. It takes about a week to lose 2 pounds safely, so any product that tells you this is lying to you.

Have you let fad diets deceive you in the past? I think almost everyone has fallen for at least a few, I know I have. Share your fad diet experiences in the comments below.


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