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The Real Truth About Diets

Are you ready for the real truth about diets? Here it is…

They aren’t good for your health.

The truly healthy ways to lose weight don’t involve a diet at all. Diets put our metabolism out of whack, mess with our glucose levels and can even cause hormonal surges flooding the body with stress hormones that it doesn’t actually need.

What happens when you ‘diet’ in the traditional sense of the word?

When you reduce your calories drastically, without any attention to nutrition or exercise, namely without a true lifestyle change, you set yourself up for failure from the start. Did you know that starved brain cells actually start eating themselves? I don’t know about you but I need every last brain cell to get through my day. This self-induced cannibalism healthy ways to lose weightcauses us to feel hunger pains and will often be the prime motivator that gets us eating that pizza two days after we reduced our calories significantly by abstaining from some of our favorite foods.

If we slowly change our body by changing our taste for healthy, nutrition packed foods, then we won’t feel like we are starving. We will feel full and satiated but without all the calorie-laden foods that have no nutritional content. One of the easiest healthy ways to lose weight is to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of highly processed foods. You’ll feel full and lose weight without attacking your own brain cells. Don’t be a cannibal. Eat and eat right!

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Starving Yourself Actually Causes You to Store Fat!

When you don’t eat enough food for your daily caloric needs, your blood glucose levels start to drop. Your tissues and organs need a good supply of blood glucose in order to function, and when you deprive them by starving yourself, you actually will slow the body’s metabolism in response to this need. The body won’t stop functioning and will rob fat stores initially for fuel, but this will only be a short-term lose of weight. As soon as the body realizes it isn’t getting any more fuel via food, it will slow the metabolism significantly in order to keep itself running.

With this method, you can end up burning fewer calories than before you started dieting and actually end up gaining the initial weight you lost and then some. A healthier way to lose weight is to increase your activity levels, get more sleep every night and slowly lower your caloric intake without drastically reducing it.

Dieting Makes You Dumb and Angry

healthy ways to lose weightFinally, most diets will cause you to be ravenously hungry. This not only interferes with your mental capacity but can also instigate the production of cortisol, a stress hormone that then makes it harder to lose weight. In a University of California study women were divided into two control groups. One was given a 1200 calorie-a-day diet and not told to restrict their calories while the second group was also given a 1200 calorie-a-day diet but never told their calories were being reduced. The group who had to reduce their food consumption had a cognitive and physiological response. They were stressed out!

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Healthy ways to lose weight have nothing to do with overly restricting calories or dieting in the traditional sense.

In what ways can you eat better without depriving yourself?


Get Rid of Your Extra Weight Once and For All in 2012

Are you ready to get rid of your extra weight once and for all in 2012? No matter how many fad diets pass through the celebrity scene or new “revolutionary” workout regimes are touted as the latest and greatest, there are a few facts that will help you meet your physical goals and they all involve natural weight loss.

To Experience Natural Weight Loss, You Have to Let Go

Natural weight lossYour body naturally wants to be at its most perfect weight – not too thin and definitely not too fat, but the stresses in our modern society often cause our bodies to be out of equilibrium. The first step to getting to a goal weight is to STOP THE STRESS! You’ve probably heard of the “flight or fight” reaction, a leftover coping mechanism that the parasympathetic nervous system uses to generate adrenaline and cortisol when we need to react to dangerous situations.

Over time, the body forgets how to respond to every-day demands and starts a feedback loop that begins over-straining the adrenals. These are important glands for controlling hormones and when we produce too many stress hormones, we have a tendency to hold onto extra fat – another way the body prepares for danger. If it thinks Armageddon is coming it will save your fat stores just in case you can’t eat for several days. Conversely, when you are relaxed and happy, the body sees no need to protect you from danger and stops making all those stress hormones. Your body will then naturally slim down.

To de-stress you can start with getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night and try more activities like a yoga class, Thai chi, Chi gong, meditation, practice relaxation and visualization techniques, or just find five minutes out of the day to do nothing but sit in absolute silence. Not only will you start to lose weight naturally but you will feel more uplifted mentally too.

Relaxation techniques have been known to help with everything from weight loss to smoking cessation to relief from Parkinson’s, Heart Disease and even Diabetes.

Eat Metabolism Boosting Foods

Another great way to experience natural weight loss is to eat the variety of foods that mother nature created to help boost the metabolic rate. Your metabolic rate is the average amount of energy it takes a person to get through his or her every day activities. When your metabolic rate is high, you burn more calories sitting still than someone with a lower metabolic rate does doing light exercise. There are several foods that naturally boost your metabolism:

  • Natural weight lossWater! It is truly the gift of life. It helps the cells stay clean, increases their metabolic process so they can rid themselves of toxins quicker which accelerate the process of weight loss.
  • Green tea extract or green tea brewed in the smallest amounts (even two cups a day) can increase metabolism and even has anti-cancer causing properties.
  • Grapefruit. This super-fruit helps to reduce the body’s insulin levels and therefore helps to curb appetite.
  • Fruit and vegetables. These anti-oxidant packed foods are also full of soluble fiber that helps to fill us up. Fruits and vegetables are also usually very low in calories, so you can eat lots of them without consuming more calories than your body can burn within a day.

You don’t need to take toxic diet pills or use drastic means to get healthy. To experience true natural weight loss, start with these simple steps and you can experience a change in your body that can make you feel so great, your attitude will get an overhaul in the process!

Can you think of a way to boost your own peace today, and reduce your stress levels to experience natural weight loss?


Choosing a Weight Loss System That Works For You

weight loss systemAre you trying to find a weight loss system that actually works? You are smart enough to know that fad diets and magic pills don’t really keep the weight off for the long haul, television shows like The Biggest Loser have been happy to point out!

Losing weight takes hard work and commitment. You can expect to change some of your lifestyle habits and add new ones that work better for you, but knowing which program to use is challenging. Here are some questions to ask yourself before engaging in your assault on body fat:

  • weight loss systemHow Not to Eat Like A Super Model. Does the plan call for a sound, well balanced diet with enough calories to sustain you, yet not starve you? There have been thousands of studies proving that if you starve your body you will lose weight, but as soon as you start eating regular meals again, you’ll put it all back on again, and more. You want a weight loss system that addresses healthy caloric intake. Simply starving yourself like super model or eating nothing but a pack of Twizzlers and a Diet Coke, simply won’t give you the results you want.
  • Some Foods Boost Your Metabolism! Does the plan give you real tips and tricks to boost your metabolism? There are lots of foods that naturally help you burn fat. These foods trigger the important metabolic process in your body, making the kind of calories you eat just as important as how many. Foods like eggs, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, black beans, grilled chicken and fish are the standards of a fat-loss diet. If a weight loss system tells you that you can lose weight while eating loads of ice cream and chocolate cake, don’t trust it!
  • Jump, Skip and Run Towards Weight Loss. Choose a weight loss system that incorporates exercise. You can head out to your riding lawn mower to trim the back 40 acres or push a hand-mower to burn extra calories. You can hang glide, scuba dive or take ballet lessons. You can run, jog, jump, box, do yoga, climb stairs, or swim. There are endless forms of movement and if you want to be thin, strong and vibrant, your lifestyle MUST include movement.
  • Stop Stressing! Choose a weight loss system that addresses the need to eliminate or reduce stress. Did you know that if your body doesn’t get enough sleep, you tend to eat more throughout a regular day? Did you know that stressed out people have a harder time burning fat because the body thinks that it is in fight-or-flight mode and hangs on to fat as a means to save you from starvation? Taking yoga, meditating, or spending more time in nature can all help you reduce your stress and your waistline.

A weight loss system that works will always incorporate these important principles. How might you change your life today with one small corrective action from these suggestions?


10 Reasons Not to Diet

weight loss methodsAfter all the weight loss methods you’ve tried, I’m sure you could think of at least one reason never to diet again. If you are having trouble remembering what a great success your last diet was, chances are that you have joined the millions of normal people who have found it too challenging and ineffective. The good news is that you’re not alone. In the article I have put together a list of ten reasons not to diet:

  1. Dieting in the traditional sense of the word means that you restrict calories in general in addition to not getting to eat the things you like.

Although you shouldn’t gorge on fattening foods and lead a sedentary lifestyle, diets that don’t allow you to occasionally indulge in your favorite foods are doomed to fail. Instead, try increasing the number of good foods you eat so that you are too full to fill up on junk. An occasional piece of chocolate cake won’t set you back if done in moderation.

  1. Don’t diet because it will make you cranky. The first thing that is affected when people diet is their mood. It should come as no surprise that if you are obsessing all day about the things you can’t eat with your stomach rumbling, then you are probably going to be in a bad mood. Even a saint would struggle with the common courtesies on a highly restricted diet.
  1. Another reason weight loss methods that focus on dieting don’t work is because the minute you go back to eating ‘normally’ again, you will put back on all the weight you just lost.
  1. Diets make you stupider. They truly much you dumber. I mean…I need to eat something! Did you know that the hunger mechanism is so strong that when you start to diet, there are certain neurotransmitters in your brain that start screaming, “I’m hungry!” If you don’t feed them, they actually start to attack themselves. This process can not only leave you frustrated but also make you less intelligent. When you are hungry you lose focus and suffer from impaired judgment.
  1. Diets increase stress. It’s proven. They raise cortisol levels. High cortisol levels can make your body hold onto fat instead of burn it off. Instead, try eating well with nutrient rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. More soluble fiber can be found in whole grains as well as legumes, beans and olive oil. You can also incorporate mind-body aspects to your training such as a yoga or Thai Chi class in order to decrease your cortisol and adrenaline levels which leads to natural weight loss.
  1. Diets are only a temporary solution for a long-term problem. Would you fix your car’s air conditioning system and then when it runs out of Freon again think to yourself, “Oh, this air conditioner is always breaking.” Likely, you wouldn’t. You would just realize that it needs more Freon. Your body is the same type of machine. It needs ongoing maintenance to stay healthy. You can’t just lose some weight dieting and then expect it to never come back. If you change your lifestyle instead, adopting healthier eating habits and increasing your exercise levels, then you will have a happy body all the time.
  1. Diets are so 80’s. Gone are the days of the grapefruit diet, high protein diet (Atkin’s Diet) and a thousand other diets that aren’t really good for you. Instead, don’t diet. Eat healthy and exercise.
  1. Most diets lack nutrition. This is why they don’t work. Your body has certain requirements and there is no getting around that. You need fats, carbs and proteins as well as a host of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. You can’t be healthy with an absence of any of these important elements.
  1. Diets make your weight yo-yo, which is really hard on your adrenaline glands and confuses your metabolism. It is better to eat really healthy foods in an amount that fills you up and to get off that sofa.
  1. Our world doesn’t support dieting. Think of the social engagements, parties, office lunches, and every day demands that make it hard to diet. Instead, learn to choose wisely when you are out and occasionally indulge in a Margarita at a special event. You’ll be able to sustain these habits longer if you aren’t constantly dieting and restricting yourself. Moderation is the key to any healthy weight loss method.

What has your experience been with the various weight loss methods you’ve tried? Share in the comments below.