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Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight loss successMany people look to celebrities for fashion tips, for the latest gossip or even for motivation to change their personal lives. Have you been looking to your favorite celebrities for weight loss success stories to inspire you to remake your own figure?

If you have seen celebrities whittle down their chubby physique to fit into the million dollar Galliano gowns they wear on the red carpet, then you have probably wondered how they did it.

Here are a few weight loss stories from your favorite A-listers to inspire you to make your own changes:

Watch What You Eat

Kim Kardashian may have what seems to be a flawless figure, but she works hard for it. She exercises weekly and also watches her food choices. More recently she has mentioned that she wakes up to turkey bacon and eggs for breakfast and salad or fish for lunch. Following a sensible diet means that you don’t starve yourself, but that you eat enough calories to sustain a great figure, and reduce them if you are still working toward one.

Breastfeed Like an Underwear Model

Victoria Secret’s model, Miranda Kerr says that breastfeeding helped her to loose extra weight after giving birth. Many women report a similar boost to their post-baby figures by breast-feeding. Although it is not an option for every woman, breastfeeding can burn as much as twice the calories you are normally used to consuming, so it is a great way to get your pre-baby body back. It is also great for building your baby’s immune system, too.

Choose Pre-Made Meals to Limit Caloric Intake

Mariah Carey wanted to lose weight after having her baby and relied on pre-prepared meals that have the exact number of calories you need to consume daily if you are trying to lose weight. This ensures that you don’t over-eat. If you have a problem limiting portion sizes or knowing what to eat, programs like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers can help do the calculating for you. For busy men and women, this can be a godsend.

Do it the Old Fashioned Way

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston limit their calories and workout vigorously several times a week. Aniston has been known to champion spinning classes and yoga, while Alba limited her caloric intake to 1200 calories a day, and did four, 90-minute workouts a week. For true weight loss success, look at Hillary Swank. She had to lose fat and put on over 10 pounds of muscle in a very short time. In preparation for Million Dollar Baby, she did almost two hours of boxing plus over an hour of weight training six days a week for 90 days to get ripped for her part.

Staying fit means eating right and keeping active…it’s one of the oldest recipes around! Have you seen another favorite celebrity break through her plateaus with weight loss success?