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12 Foods To Eat Organic: The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty DozenHave you started buying organic foods? Wondering if the extra cost is worth it? There is a list of 12 foods fruits and vegetables that I recommend buying organic, they are referred to as The Dirty Dozen.

You’ve no doubt heard the old adage “you are what you eat” – and people are becoming more and more concerned about agricultural practices and food safety. The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) dirty dozen raises the red flag on those produce items most likely to be subjected to pesticide exposure during growing and shipping in conventional mass agricultural practices.

They are listed as follows:

1 – Apples
2 – Celery
3 – Strawberries
4 – Peaches
5 – Spinach
6 – Nectarines– imported
7 – Grapes – imported
8 – Sweet bell peppers
9 – Potatoes
10 – Blueberries – domestic
11 – Lettuce
12 – Kale/collard greens

It is important to know that these potential “dirty” crops are both domestic and imported, so be sure to check if they are marked as “organic”, “organically grown”, or “unsprayed” when purchasing. Better yet – fully understand where they came from by buying your produce at a farmer’s market. This allows you to talk to the farmers of your food about their growing and harvesting methods, and learn more about your food at the same time!