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End Yo-Yo Dieting With Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach

Many people who have been struggling with their weight are sick and tired of all the crazy diets out there that have left them still overweight and with lost hope. Most weight loss programs are a one size fits all approach and are very impersonal. Well if we’re all different how can one approach work for everyone?  The key is to find a program that includes expert one-on-one weight loss coaching.

To have someone to really support your unique situation, hold you accountable, give you expert nutrition and fitness guidance could be exactly what you need to finally beat this cycle of yo-yo dieting! Having a personal weight loss coach is completely unlike following any of the standard and more well known programs out there like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, U Weight Loss or LA Weight Loss.

Why you want to hire your own personal weight loss coach?

•    You’ve failed many times and you’re sick and tired of dieting
•    You know how to lose weight but you just can’t seem to get started
•    You don’t have the faith that you can succeed
•    You think you doomed to remain fat and unhappy for the rest of your life
•    You are suffering from a trauma or pain causing you to eat emotionally
•    You eat to feel guilty afterwards

If any of those sound familiar than having a weight loss program completely geared to you with your own personal coach will make all the difference.

How can a weight loss coach help you?

Weight loss coaching is a great choice for people who want to lose weight and keep it off forever. Whatever your reason is for losing weight, a weight loss coach can help you achieve this. But first, it all starts with your decision. Are you willing to do it? I mean are you really serious about it? When that moment comes, don’t hesitate to consult a personal weight loss coach because these are just some of the many benefits you will experience.

The benefits of weight loss coaching

1.  A weight loss coach is your own personal support person. The good thing about weight loss coaching is that your coach will guide you to lose weight step-by-step. A weight loss coach provides you with all of the support, encouragement, and motivation that you need to become a better, fitter, healthy, more confident YOU!

2.  A weight loss coach WILL hold you accountable. Your coach will see to it that you are on the right path by consistently checking on your progress and holding you to the commitments you’ve made. A good weight loss coach will never judge you even if you fall off track a little. They will be there to keep you on track and moving you in the direction of your goals.

3.  Having your own weight loss coach helps you to set goals and stick to them. Your coach will help you create realistic and achievable goals and teach you strategies you need to reach them.  Your coach will guide you in the right direction and will also educate you on how to maintain your slim new figure long after your weight loss coaching is over.

4.  Your weight loss coach will help you focus and progress rapidly, much quicker than you would on your own. Losing weight with the help of a weight loss coaching support system is far better than doing it alone. Since weight loss coaches are well versed in both fitness and nutrition they’ll be able to show you the fastest and safest way to a healthier you.

5.  A weight loss coach helps to makes losing weight a fun experience. They’ll keep you motivated and happy while sticking to your weight loss program.  Your coach will keep things light when necessary and add some humor and fun into your experience.

These are just some of the many benefits of signing up for some weight loss coaching to fast track you on your way to a body you are happy and proud of.


3 Reasons Why You Need a Weight Loss Coach

You’ve successfully lost a few pounds. Yet, you are not happy with the results. You want more and you want to lose weight fast. You also want to have leaner muscles, toner legs and abs, but you’re having a hard time sticking to your exercise plan. The solution to your problem is a personal weight loss coach who can provide you with support and accountability.

With a personal weight loss coach you can have access to proper fitness and nutrition strategies and techniques. A quality weight loss coach will educate and guide you to proper diet and fitness training. This will save you some time and money from ineffective diet plans and fitness workouts with a plan designed for you to meet your unique goals.

Top 3 Areas a Weight Loss Coach Can Help You With

1. Getting Started With Exercise

Exercise requires planning. A good weight loss coach will have knowledge in fitness and can help you to create a plan. They will know how to create the best fitness plan for you to accomplish your specific goals. So if you want to have the best fitness plan that will cater to your needs, it’s a great idea to hire a weight loss coach to help you with this.

2. Support and Accountability

Getting back to your old shape can sometimes be a nightmare. Many people struggle with this. So instead of struggling find yourself a qualified weight loss coach who will share with you the secrets to successful weight loss while holding you accountable and providing you with all the support you need. A weight loss coach will guide you to reach your goals and maintain a healthy mind and body ongoing long after you’ve finished working with your coach and reached your desired weight loss goal.

3. The Right Nutrition Plan for Weight Loss

With all the different diet plans out there, low carb, no carb, high protein, fat free etc. it’s no wonder why people are confused. A good weight loss coach will help you to separate the facts from the myths when it comes to nutrition and help you to set up a plan that is easy to follow.  The key is finding the right nutrition plan for you, that will support your weight loss and help you to maintain it permanently.

These are just three of the many areas in which having your own personal weight loss coach can benefit you.


Health Coach Provides Tips To Manage Your Cravings

As a health coach I often see the same common diet scenario. You refrain from eating a certain type of food for one week, say pizza or doughnuts. After a week of pizza deprivation, you find yourself eating a half a pie in one sitting. You feel guilty after eating your most forbidden food, you promised to start your diet again the next day, this time its ‘no to doughnuts’ time. You successfully resisted the temptation of doughnuts for two weeks but you found yourself in a familiar situation – eating a box of cream-filled doughnuts with chocolate on top.

Again, you feel super-guilty about it and vow not to do the same thing again. The next day you start your ‘no to ice cream’ diet and the cycle goes on and on.

Don’t think you are the only one this happens to, it happens to many people. Avoiding a certain food group or food, makes you want it more. But how can you keep off excess body fat without depriving yourself of the foods you love?

According to health coach, NEDA spokesperson and Director of Eating Disorder Collaborative Sandra Kronberg, M.S.,R.D., “you’ll want it even more because it’s forbidden—and your body will physically crave it if you’re depriving yourself of a given nutrient.” The more you restrict yourself of certain types of food, the more you crave for it. And when you succumb to your cravings, you feel guilty.

Kronberg, as a health coach, tells her clients that the need to cancel out bad through excessive exercise may lead to exercise bulimia. So what can you do? “We don’t just eat for nourishment,” says Kronberg. We eat food we like for other reasons like mood stabilization, socialization and for pleasure. So it is important to keep a balance between exercise and diet.

I always tell my weight loss coaching clients if you give yourself permission to eat something, it’s less forbidden and you’ll want it less, so have a few bites instead of deprivation or excessive binging. Do not entirely cut out foods you love from your diet, but try to lessen your consumption gradually so that you fulfill your cravings but won’t hurt your diet too much. Also seek the support of a health coach to keep you on track with your goals.


3 Proven Tips for Losing Weight

Everyone is looking for those secret tips for losing weight. However losing weight is never easy. That’s why we envy people who are naturally skinny. There are some men and women who can eat anything whenever they want without worrying about their weight. Unfortunately, not many people are gifted with a natural, slender physique. People like us, need to constantly visit the gym and watch our diet carefully. But do we really have to envy our ultra-slim friends? You won’t ever have to again.

Here are some research-proven tips for losing weight that will keep you uber motivated in achieving your fitness and weight loss goals!

1.  Happiness is a natural motivator

When you like something, you find the time to do it. Why not apply the same attitude to your workouts? Or better yet, why not treat fitness workouts as the new ‘fun’? Climb to the top of a mountain for the spectacular views. Bike the city for interesting sights. Join your first marathon for some worthy cause. “Enjoyment is a natural motivator”, tells Dr. Sam Zizzi, sport and psychology professor at West Virginia University.

2.  Do it for yourself

Now, this is one of the great tips for losing weight so read carefully. If you are planning to run a marathon just your athletic friend or family member, or you plan to lose fat because you want to impress your partner, forget it. Dr. Jeremy Adams, a sport and performance psychologist and director of Eclectic Consulting in Melbourne, says that gym goers who focus simply on better-body goals are most likely to lose their motivation. In addition, motivation researcher Dr. Michael Segar of the University of Michigan explains that “For most people, trying to meet someone else’s expectations or assuage guilt isn’t sustainable.” In simpler terms, concentrate on the long-term health benefits of your workouts.

3.  Find an exercise buddy

Another proven strategy is to team up with a fitness buff friend. Or join a workout class for a more interactive way to lose fat. Michigan State University kinesiology expert Dr. Deborah Feltz says that “The challenge brings out a competitive side, even if you don’t have that streak.” Nobody wants to be left behind. So, find your fitness partner today!

Following these tips for losing weight will give you a good start in the right direction.


Your Mindset Is Key With All Weight Loss Programs

Do you know that the weight loss industry is the only multi-billion dollar industry where 95% of its customers fail at their weight loss programs? Why? Most people have trouble sticking to a diet and regular exercise plan. Ask a plus size woman to choose between diet pills or regular exercise. For sure, she’ll pick the diet pills.

Exercise is an important part of maintaining optimum health and weight. It takes time, persistence and self-motivation. Most people have a hard time sticking with it, for one reason or another. That’s why out of ten gym goers, only one lasts. Not everybody can stick to a regular workout plan. That’s why most weight-loss programs fail.

How can weight loss programs have more success?

Have you heard of the saying “Mind over body”? I’m sure you have encountered it at least once in your life. Your mind controls your body. To do anything or to achieve any goal, you have to condition your mind to reach your target to have success. It can be a promotion, a new house, a new gadget or fitness or weight loss goal. Once you have conditioned your mind and established focus on any of the weight loss programs you choose to follow, you can do everything it takes to get to your goal.

The lack of focus on mindset is the #1 reason why there is such a high failure rate with the weight loss programs out there. Very few weight loss programs ever address the primary cause of the problem – your mindset.

You see your mind plays a major role in the success of your weight loss goals. By looking at things from a different perspective, regarding food and exercise, you will have a greater chance to achieve your health and fitness goals. What do you have to do? Here are a few tips on how to possess the right weight loss mindset in order to stick with any of the weight loss programs you choose to follow.

1.   Burning Desire

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to impress your partner, or be more popular or desirable. Or perhaps, you just want to be healthy and enjoy your life more. Any wellness coach will tell you that whatever the reason is, you have to have a burning desire for it. However the reasons that work the best, are when they are for you, and not for anyone else.

2.  Make a Commitment

Once you decide to lose weight, you have to tell yourself that you WILL do it no matter what. Because at the end of the day, it is your decision that will reflect the quality of your life and your health. You can consult with a wellness coach, personal trainer and/or nutritionist but they cannot help you until you are truly committed. So make a committed decision and put it in writing! This step alone will go a long way to creating a successful mindset.

3.  Positive Thoughts

I don’t think there is anyone that could say that losing weight is easy.  For all of us who have struggled with our weight, we know this is not true.  Losing weight is not easy. But the good news is, it can be a lot easier if you choose the right weight loss program and learn how to create the right mindset that will ensure success. Don’t lose hope. Be optimistic, energetic and happy. Positive thinking and having belief in yourself will increase the chances of your success regardless of which of the weight loss programs you choose.