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Can Exercise Help You Quit Smoking?

In a recent study, it has been found that doing exercise helps to curb nicotine cravings in women. If women follow regular exercise routines, then it helps them to reduce their smoking habits. The exercise regimen must be strictly followed for results to be seen. Otherwise, if one gets lazy and does not exercise then the cravings return. The women will again start feeling the urge to smoke.

Statistics show that so many women are addicted to smoking, but nowadays, they too are getting health conscious. Many would like to improve their well-being, they are joining health or fitness programs or simply starting to follow an easy exercise regime on their own. Exercising is a way of helping themselves get rid of the bad habit of smoking. The benefits of doing exercise are many; improved fitness levels, reducing excess weight and maintaining good overall health. Doing any form of exercise helps to get you in a better mood which in turn results in diminished cravings. So, those women who exercised more experienced a nil or a minimal urge to smoke. To all the women out there, trying to quit smoking, EXERCISE! That is the key to reduce the urge or diminish your cravings for a cigarette.

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Overweight Teenagers Suffer From Prejudice

Teenage obesity in the last 20 years has tripled and the statistics are frightening. Often teenagers poke fun at their overweight classmates and tease them which affects their self-image and confidence. Society often considers obese people to be unhealthy, lazy, unattractive, among other things. That’s not true at all!

Watch this video which clearly describes the viewpoint of a student, that.. Obese youth are treated badly, commented upon and most importantly that the cause of obesity does not necessarily result from eating but is related to other factors too.

So, don’t have any prejudice or pre-concieved notions against overweight or obese people of any age. Don’t be biased against them… don’t treat them as outcasts… accept them and treat them as you’d like to be treated, with respect.

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices and Decisions

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to what is considered good health or having a healthy lifestyle. We are faced with so many choices on a daily basis, and you need to determine which ones are best for you. So, what if you were faced with the question of having to choose between a healthy, fun, modern lifestyle and a fair, sustainable, compassionate lifestyle?

Imagine a situation where you can enjoy both and have the best of everything. Watch this video, think about it and make your own decision. This is a journey of people from different walks of life, one’s a chef, another is an athlete, and more… whose day is fully loaded. Listen to see that you can have an exciting lifestyle incorporating healthy and nutritious foods while facing the daily challenges.

It is a mindset with a change in lifestyle that will help you to be healthy and happy. Eat well and watch your health and energy levels improve.

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Laila Ali on Weight Loss Overdrive

Laila Ali, boxer and daughter of the famous Muhammad Ali, recently showed off her one month old baby Sydney and vowed to get back to her pre-pregnancy figure. She announced her new diet and fitness regime in LA recently. After filming an online video on her weight loss intentions, she told her fans that she needs to shed 25 to 35 lbs. of baby weight. She has asked her fans to follow her, the progress she makes and how she would achieve her weight loss goal.

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How to Manage your Weight Effectively

First of all, what is effective weight management? It is nothing but maintaining your body weight at a healthy level. It is what is called your ideal weight. There are questions that you need to ask yourself, especially when you are overweight – is my regular exercise regimen helping me to manage my weight, will I lose weight? Am I having a balanced diet and also getting enough nutrition to maintain optimum energy levels? The answers to these questions you need to sit up and take notice of it.

a. Sit up and take notice means to literally sit up and give your situation a thought. You should cut down on the time that you spend lazing around on the couch watching TV. Don’t accustom yourself to such sedentary habits. It does not spell well for your health in the long run. Recent reports show that there is a link between a sedentary lifestyle to the obesity problems many suffer with. It is in direct proportional ratios. More sedentary time, the more weight you gain. You could be engaging in a lot of physical activity, whether at work or at home, and you could also be consciously checking your calorie intake but it gets discounted when you spend more time just sitting down or lying down. So now the question arises as to how to mitigate the effect of sitting down or lying down for long periods at a time:

i. When at work, get up for 5 minutes every hour and walk around. Still studies are being conducted to see whether this is going to make a positive difference in your weight loss efforts.
ii. Inculcate the habit of standing up when talking to your colleagues. Don’t keep sitting at your desk or in your chair. Stand up and converse.
iii. If you get a phone call, learn to stand up, if you are sitting down and take the call. Another better idea is to keep walking while talking on your mobile.
iv. Move your body whenever possible. Get up and get yourself a cup of coffee instead of asking someone else to do it for you.
v. You want some documents printed out, then get up and do it yourself. Walk up to the office printer.

b. Eat well means to have healthy balanced diet that gets your body the nutrition it requires. So what you need to do is:
i. Eat foods that are less fattening like fish and poultry over red and processed meats.
ii. Avoid fried food. This way you can cut down on the oil intake.
iii. Include lots of fiber in your diet. Consume mainly whole foods enjoying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
iv. Ease off on the amount of salt that you eat. Don’t keep the table salt on the table. This tip helps to reduce your salt intake.

Follow some of these basic guidelines for effective weight management:

1. Always remember to have a good, healthy and well balanced diet based on whole foods. Seek help from a qualified nutritionist or a dietician is you have trouble deciding on the best meal plan for yourself.
2. Learn to balance your exercise regime with your diet. Here too, you can take advice from qualified professionals who help you to lose weight with proper diet control.
3. Gradually bring about a lifestyle change which will help you to achieve permanent weight loss and help you to be at an ideal weight always. You can go for counseling or coaching sessions that will help you, or consider hiring a personal trainer to get more active.

In conclusion, if you follow these simple guidelines and make changes in your habits and lifestyle, both at work and at home then you will never face obesity problems. You can always look your best.

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How to Lose Weight for Late Night Snackers

Research shows that people who stay awake for longer hours in the night tend to eat more and they also tend to make poor food choices. This results in the person getting overweight over time. Imagine just by going to sleep late, you can gain 2 pounds + a month. If you eat and sleep properly according to your body clock, your metabolism works just fine and you will not have trouble managing your weight.

If you are used to going to sleep late, then invariably you will reach out for that late night snack. You end up putting more calories into your body and mostly that is not going to be healthy. It will lead to weight gain and slowly, you could end up being overweight and losing your self esteem. So what you need to do is, you have to adopt proper sleep patterns so as not to disturb your internal clock. You have to make changes even if they are small, in your lifestyle so that you help yourself to stay at an ideal weight. It will help you feel good about yourself, gain self confidence and moreover keep your body in good shape.

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Drink More Water to Lose Weight

Want to live Healthy? Want to lose weight? Don’t get dehydrated… drink more water. I came across an article that deals with health tips and one of them is to drink more water. It is one of the most important things you can do. Drinking water has many other health benefits, other than just preventing oneself from getting dehydrated. The importance of drinking water cannot be understated.

Drink ample water each and every day. Your body is approximately 70% water. Think of all the ways you lose water; urinating, defecating, sweating, breathing, etc. To make sure you stay 70% water and not 70% mud, drink hydrating beverages like water throughout the day. As you hydrate your body properly, you’ll develop more of a thirst for water. We often misinterpret thirst for hunger and food cravings, so you might already have more of a thirst than you realize. Drinking water should be one of the first things you do in your quest for good health. Since it improves the function of your body as a whole and increases metabolism, it actually helps you reduce the unwanted pounds.

People who dramatically increase their water intake will often lose five pounds in the first week. They feel better and more energetic and experience a reduction in appetite. So basically, the food intake is lessened. If you drink enough water, you will experience dehydration that in turn is one of the biggest reasons you will be craving for junk foods, or foods loaded with sugar and/or salt. Being well hydrated lessens those cravings. Less cravings equals less calories consumed and more weight lost.

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Do you know that Seaweed Shakes can help in Weight Loss?

If you are looking to shed all those extra pounds, then make yourself a seaweed shake. Having seaweed milkshake every morning will help you to lose weight. In recent studies, scientists have said that this suppresses hunger and helps one to stay fuller for a longer time. In this case, you don’t feel hungry too often. So naturally, you won’t find yourself craving more food than you should have or reaching for high calories snacks.

There is so much research about the weight loss effect that consuming seaweed has on a person’s body. Research has showed that adding seaweed extract alginate to a yummy chocolate protein shake or vegetable or fruit smoothie lessens hunger by almost 30%. The study was carried out on participants who were more than willing to try out this new process to lose weight. Normally you tend to feel hungry a few hours after a meal. But now, the hunger pangs get delayed after consuming a seaweed shake. This feature is a potential boost to dieters and achieves a greater level of satisfaction while on weight loss diets or a customized weight loss program. As this kind of a weight loss diet or program encourages a reduced-energy diet, many don’t mind complying with it and staying committed to the program.

The research studies and statistics showed that the volunteers, who signed up for trials, were given differing levels of the seaweed alginate to drink up. This was done instead of having a meal. Reports were then taken on their levels of hunger and fullness over the next 5 – 6 hours. Those volunteers who had the maximum amount of seaweed alginate in their milkshake felt less hungry by about 30% than their counterparts who had a regular shake without it. What happens when the seaweed alginate is added is that this form of alginate becomes a kind of gel in the stomach’s acidic environment and the calcium (which is in the milk) adds to the thickness of the gel. So, this thick gel substance stays in the stomach for a longer time thus creating a feeling of fullness, whereby the volunteer does not get hungry soon.

So if you are struggling with your weight and trying hard to lose weight give this a try. The best part is that there is no change in the taste of your milkshake or smoothie when the seaweed alginate is added. The shake still continues to taste good and there is no obvious change in the flavor of the drink. What a way this is – you get to drink a delicious shake or smoothie and still lose weight.

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How do Thin People Stay Slim

Obesity is the word that is on everyone’s mind today. So many people all over the world are affected by it. It has literally become an epidemic in our society. But as luck would have it for some, there are some absolutely super lucky guys (and gals) who are not anywhere close to being obese. How is it that these people stay slim and trim?

Exercise and diet are the two most prominent factors in weight loss. But in a very peculiar scenario, both these factors haven’t been given any ‘weight’ at all. Wanting to know the answer to the question of ‘how do thin people stay slim’, experiments were carried out that had their own share of controversy. Want to know what and how it happens?

Actually, the people should learn to be happy, healthy and fit. Being too fat or too thin is not good. Depending on the metabolic rates of the individual (each individual is different), the calories are consumed and the person puts on weight or he just doesn’t. For those people who are trying to lose weight, learn how you can lose up to 20 pounds in just 28 days with my new 28-Day Fat Blast system at:

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Eat the Peels of These 8 Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

We need to understand the nutrient value of the skins and peels of fruits and vegetables. Most of the time, we discard the fruit and vegetable peels throwing them out instead of eating them. When you do this you are losing out on many nutrients. Research and studies show that these castaways are packed with disease fighting nutrients that play a very essential role in keeping our body fit and healthy. So, keep the peeler away from them and eat the skin. Imagine the boost of nutritional intake that we are going to provide our body with. So, what you have to learn here is – Don’t go for the peeler and If you have to peel off the skin, then DON’T throw it away; as most of the time there are more vitamins and minerals in the skin than in the rest of the fruit or vegetable.
Here are some of the different healthy foods whose peels can be so important for your health. Learn to incorporate them into your diet:

1. Potato: About 50 % or more of the potato’s hunger-quelling fiber is in its skin. You can make the peels into potato crisps. How you can do it is to take a baking sheet, place the peels on it, sprinkle some oil on them, add salt and pepper and bake until crisp. You can also add chilli flakes for some extra zing.

2. Apple: The apple peel is filled with antioxidants. Antioxidants help ward off cancer. You can add these peels to a sandwich. Use whole grain bread as it is more nutritious.

3. Orange: The orange peels contain a compound that could protect one from skin cancer. You can add these to simple stir fried vegetable dishes. First you have to finely chop the peels and toss them in with your veggies. Don’t forget to add some spice. Want to go sweet, then make some delicious marmalades.

4. Kiwi: These fruit peels are rich in vitamin E and have flavonoids that help strengthen the body’s immune system. You can add these to fruit and yogurt drinks. Blend in well and drink up!

5. Carrot: As everyone knows, carrots are rich in beta carotene which helps protect the eyes, skin and immune system. You can add the peels to burgers or even a meat loaf. When making soups and stews, simply wash and leave the skins on when you chop and add them.

6. Banana: The banana peel is rich in serotonin that relieves depression in individuals. So what you can do when you are feeling low is to boil the peel for about 10-15 minutes and drink the water (after it cools down of course).

7. Cucumber: Eat cucumber slices with the peel on. Most of us tend to scrape it off. Stop that and start including it in your meal. Eating with the skin is nutritious as it contains silica that is very beneficial for healthy skin, hair and nails.

8. Watermelon: You can use the watermelon rinds to make some yummy sweet pickles. This could be an excellent accompaniment for some lovely dishes in your diet.

So, go ahead and enjoy these A-Peeling fruits and vegetables. Whether on a diet or not, prepare a good meal plan and incorporate these into it. It is good for the overall health, So Eat Them, Don’t Trash Them!
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