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Have a Healthy Meal Plan for your Children during Holidays

Spring break. Easter long weekend. Summer holidays! Your children are excited and this is the time when they get extra hungry and look to eat lots of junk food. Parents tend to indulge their children at this time. As a parent you also know that junk food is not good for health and it does not help your child at their healthy and ideal weight. Slowly, this habit will lead your child to become obese and then going forward, your child will have to face rejection and an odd stare from his friends and even relatives. Instead of being healthy, happy and fit, your child will be fat. As a parent you will then need to have a custom diet or prepare a separate meal plan for your child in order to lose weight. Instead it is so much easier to help your children maintain a healthy weight instead of having to help them to lose weight. Parent needs to know how to teach their child healthy habits, include proper diet, physical activity and take extra care in the weight management of your child.

Reasons why your child cannot maintain an ideal weight during holidays

  1. Eating many goodies like burgers, pizzas, sweets, starchy foods, chocolates and ice cream.
  2. Eating high calorie foods eg. rich sauces, fries, etc. that are served with some of the above.
  3. Eating many processed food and packaged foods that are high in salt and saturated fat.
  4. Tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle like lounging on the couch most of the time, watching television, playing video games or spending time on the computer etc.

What a responsible parent can do:

 –  Have a healthy meal plan for your child planned, especially during holidays
 –  Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet
 –  Prepare and give them fresh food
 –  Avoid processed and unhealthy ingredients while preparing meals and snacks
 –  Do not use any transfats or artificial fats that have no nutritional value
 –  Include whole grains and cut out all white sugar and flour
 –  Make low calorie healthy snacks for your child to enjoy

Other lifestyle changes that a parent can help their child with:

  1. Spending more time outdoors with the children as a family
  2. Engaging in physical activities
  3. Growing a vegetable garden and enjoying ‘organic’ food and having your child participate
  4. Talk and explain the advantages of having healthy habits from a young age
  5. Help the child to take up a hobby, something that he/she loves
  6. Be a role model yourself for the children in order to inspire them

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