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Five Healthier Ways To Bring In The New Year

You’re going to start your New Year’s Resolutions at midnight, right? How about getting an early start to 2011’s resolutions on the 31st instead? Here are five great ways to make your New Year’s celebration one of health and happiness instead of headaches and hangovers.

• Start the day with an outdoor holiday activity. Skating, skiing, and walking are great ways kick your new fitness goals into gear.

• Host a “New Year’s Resolution Potluck.” Have friends and family bring over their favorite healthy dishes, or prepare some new healthy dishes everyone wants to try. It’s important to have a balanced meal before any celebrating. This will support  healthy blood sugar levels, and will keep you from snacking quite so much before the night is through.

• Serve lighter versions of festive drinks. Drink spritzers with soda water instead of straight wine. Provide mixes such as 100% cranberry, orange, and pineapple juice instead of soda. Offer hydrating alternatives like coconut water, squashed water (berries and lime slices muddles in sparkling water), or herbal seasonal teas. And have lots of plain ol’ water available. If you must drink alcoholic beverages, remember to “double fist”: wine in one hand, water in the other.

• Plan active party activities. Dancing, Twister, even a lively game of charades will keep everyone active (and away from grazing at the buffet).

• Before bed on any festive evening, enjoy a big glass of water with a multi-vitamin and mineral. Take extra vitamin C to provide antioxidants that help prevent hangovers.

By following some of these holiday tips, your new year will start with a positive attitude and a symptom-free day!


A reminder of what’s important

Do you know people that just seem to be happier in general? Do you say to yourself, “I want to be more like them”? Often, the happiest people in the world don’t have the best of everything…they just make the best of everything!

This short inspirational movie will remind you to savor life and start living…right now!

So, sit back, turn up your speakers and prepare to be inspired.

Click here to watch

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Why Most Coaches Cannot Guarantee Permanent Weight Loss and What You Can Do to Change That

Imagine the sales power of guaranteed weight loss results! If you’re resisting that concept, based on a long, painful struggle with your clients’ yo-yo results, you’re not alone.

Why most coaches offering weight loss programs would never dream of guaranteeing results

Have you noticed that practically no weight loss program on the planet offers guaranteed results?

Of course they don’t!

If they did, they would have to change their business model drastically, since their clients won’t come back year after year. Or else, they would have to file for bankruptcy because of all the refunds they’d have to give.

The reason is simple: They all bought into the old school paradigm that it’s all about exercising and calories in and calories out. They act as if there were nothing that proper eating and enough exercise won’t be fix. As it turns out, they’ve been peddling a very flawed system.

The traditional approach to weight loss doesn’t work

If the traditional weight loss approach actually worked, there would not be an overweight person left in the country. Or at least there would be very few of them. After all, almost everyone in North America with extra weight has been on a diet at one time or another.  In fact, most of them have lost weight too, sometimes a lot of weight. And yet…

The long-term results are pitiful. And it’s NOT the fault of the dieter. They simply haven’t been given the tools that would have really helped them lose the weight — and keep it off.

The reason why the traditional approach doesn’t work

Most people who struggle with their weight think of food as the enemy. They also usually hate their bodies. It’s a recipe for low self-esteem or even depression. Years of yo-yo dieting have set them up to expect failure, and yet they feel obliged to diet again and again, to beat their body into submission — as punishment for prior failure.

In the meantime, many people eat to soothe their feelings and improve their mood, only to beat themselves up afterwards. Sometimes they may eat to punish themselves for being overweight. The resulting yo-yo effect can doom anyone to a lifetime of failed diets and self-loathing.

How YOU can change the system and guarantee results for your clients

You probably know that you need to integrate the mental and emotional aspects of the weight loss issue with nutrition and exercise. But how do you go about it?

First, you need to change your own mindset and appreciate the importance of helping your clients change theirs. You need to know how to help them cope more effectively with their emotional issues. You may even have to overcome some mindset issues of your own. After all, you may worry about what will happen if your clients actually lose weight and keep it off. Could you be coaching yourself right out of business?

Fortunately, that won’t be a problem. In fact, it’s a win-win! If you can truly guarantee results, you’ll find potential clients beating down your door, wanting you to be their coach and/or trainer and providing you with more referrals than you can handle.

How can you get started?

For the first time ever, there’s a special program for personal trainers and coaches where you can learn how to integrate the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss with the most effective traditional components — so you can indeed guarantee results.

The program has been developed by author, trainer and weight loss master coach, Melonie Dodaro and by former Mr. America and personal trainer to the stars Tom Terwilliger. Their MindBody FX Facilitator Training program includes all of the training resources you’ll need to guarantee your results. It also includes business building and marketing know-how that can put you on the fast track towards a six-figure income as a licensed MindBody FX Facilitator.

Join us for a sneak preview webinar at:


Why Most Health and Fitness Professionals Do Not Retain Clients (And What They Can Do About It)

Are you suffering from “disappearing clients” syndrome?

Chances are that you’re frustrated because your clients seem to lack commitment, and you constantly have to replace clients. Your clients start missing appointments after a few weeks or months, only to drop out altogether, usually far short of their goal.

And the reason why they drop out is simple:

Your clients are getting frustrated because their weight continues to go up and down. They had high hopes that this time, it would be different — yet it wasn’t.

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, you’re not alone. 

In fact, gung-ho beginnings that quickly fizzle seem to be the usual pattern, one that most traditional weight loss and fitness programs share. People just don’t stick around, although they may come back occasionally to try again, generally with the same result.

I know the disappearing client syndrome only all too well because I’ve been there myself.  I used to own and run 5 weight loss centers and have found myself struggling with the same frustrating pattern.

So what can you do to fix the “disappearing clients” syndrome? 

Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to fix.  But it does require one thing that doesn’t always come easy to “old school” trainers and coaches. You have to think outside the box, at least outside the traditional box that focuses just on diet and exercise. Calories in and calories out is only a small part of the story.

The real key to success is in this new paradigm…

Your client’s mind and emotions!

Sure, these are a bit less tangible than calorie counts and laps ran, but as it turns out, they’re even more important to your clients’ success than the physical aspects of losing weight. Because if you don’t add emotional and mental aspects to your program, your clients will just keep falling off the wagon and back into their old patterns.

You need to change your clients’ mindset so they can become more committed and invested in their success. If you’re tired of that revolving door pattern that’s not only hard on your ego but also on your pocketbook, then here’s the solution:

1. Recognize the problem

Once you’ve recognized the problem, you’re already halfway on the path to the solution.  You now know that you need to add mental training and incorporate your clients’ emotional issues into your program.  The question is how.

2. Add the missing mental and emotional aspects to your program offerings

Knowing what to do is one thing.  Actually doing it is quite another.  If you’ve been focused on just the physical aspects of weight loss for years, it will be a bit of a challenge to make that leap. First, there’s the required change in attitude — yours!  Then, there’s the know-how that you may not yet have.

3. Get training in mind/body techniques

In order to be most effective as that new kind of trainer and coach who offers a well-rounded program that can guarantee results, you may want to consider special training on just how to implement those components.

As for where you can get that training — that’s the easiest part of the equation:  You’ll find that the MindBody FX Facilitator Training program will give you everything you need, and then some. That program has been created by Melonie Dodaro, author and weight loss master coach, and Tom Terwilliger, former Mr. America and celebrity personal trainer.

After going through the facilitator training program, you will not only have developed your skills with the mental and emotional aspect of weight loss. You will also be able to attract the right type of clients — and retain them. Best of all, you will be able to guarantee weight loss results that last!

Join us for a free preview webinar simply by going to:


How Personal Trainers and Coaches Can Help Clients Lose Weight for Good — Guaranteed!

Guarantee weight loss results?  I bet you think I’m out of my mind! I’m serious though. You as a coach, personal trainer or health and wellness professional can and should guarantee results.

Now, I know what you are thinking…

“But, don’t results depend on your clients and how well they follow your program?”

In part they do.

And then there’s the issue that everyone is different, and an approach that works for one person won’t necessarily work for another. Case in point: low-fat vs. low-carb. Some people put on weight with the very same diet that helped others lose weight, if only temporarily.

Then again, isn’t it your job as a coach or trainer to help your clients achieve results?  That’s what they pay you for. And you’ll be able to deliver too, once you tap into the right kind of strategies.

Sure, I understand why you may be wary. Your track record is probably not as good as you’d like, and you’re far from alone. The weight loss industry practically thrives on failure and seems to depend on yo-yo roller coaster results. 

They also would like to keep it that way since it guarantees repeat business as desperate dieters continue on their weight loss merry-go-round, moving from one approach to the next, always hoping that the latest one will actually work.

But there’s a different way – a way that can help you get repeat business while attracting new business. The system I’m about to share with you will close the revolving door.

How Changing the Way You Look At Food and Your Body Will Help Your Clients Lose Weight

Einstein used to say that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. And so if you truly want deliver different results — permanent weight loss that can be guaranteed — you need to change what you’re doing. 

Here’s how:

1. Go Beyond Diet and Exercise

Sure, diet and exercise may bring short-term results for some of your clients as they put in a huge effort. But most of them will eventually put their weight back on.

Instead, start paying more attention to your clients’ mental and emotional issues first. The fact is that once you help them adjust their mindset and resolve their emotional issues with food and their bodies, losing weight will become much easier. They will then start following a healthier eating and lifestyle plan effortlessly.

2. Help Your Clients Understand That Food Is Not the Enemy

Many dieters have been brainwashed into dividing food into two categories — good and bad.  According to that system, the “bad” category contains all the tasty food worth eating, while the “good” food category is often equated with rabbit food.  This leads to a very distorted approach to eating, resulting in an endless cycle of self-deprivation and overeating, followed by guilt and more self-deprivation.

Food is not the enemy. We need food. Unlike alcoholics who can simply stop drinking alcohol, we cannot forsake food for good. So we have to learn to approach food in a healthier way. And we absolutely have to stop using food as reward or punishment.

3. Help Your Clients Manage Emotional Eating

Accept that much overeating happens in response to emotional issues. Life is stressful, especially for those clients who are struggling with their weight. To soothe their uncomfortable feelings and make themselves feel better, even though it may be just temporarily, they overeat. 

On the other hand, some clients might overeat to punish themselves. As the trainer or coach, you need to provide your clients with strategies that help them manage their emotions without resorting to food.

4. Teach Your Clients Self-Acceptance

Most people with weight problems hate their bodies and themselves. And when you think about it for a moment, you can see that such self-hate is a set-up for dietary failure. How much effort are you going to put into doing something for someone you hate – especially if it involves a lot of effort?

Not much!

So even though it may be difficult, you need to help your clients feel more accepting and loving towards themselves. Self-love is a crucial first step toward weight loss success.

5. Help Your Clients Visualize Success

With failure almost a constant in traditional weight loss approaches, your clients might find it difficult to even envision themselves at their goal weight. Yet, it’s crucial that they get a clear picture of where they want to go and what it will be like to get there.

If you follow these strategies and tips, along with those you find in the MindBody FX Program, you’ll start noticing that your clients will achieve permanent weight loss results. 

My files are filled to overflowing with testimonials like the one by Mary Frey: 

“You helped me regain my confidence, learn healthy habits and lose 30.4 lbs! I have control over my eating and my life again. And I fit into a pair of jeans which I haven’t fit in for 5 years.”

If you’re ready to help your clients master the Mind-Body connection and achieve permanent weight loss — guaranteed — you can get more information about our new MindBody FX Facilitator Training program at


5 Steps to Building a 6+ Figure Income Health, Fitness and Wellness Business

Do you want to take your health and fitness business to the next level?  Then you need to learn how to market your business effectively.

In fact, marketing is the lifeblood of any business.  You need to get in front of your potential clients.  How else are they going to know that you can help them and that they want or need your services? 

5 Ways to Leverage Your Marketing Efforts for Maximum Reach

There are many ways to market your business, of course. Below, I am outlining the 5 necessary steps that I had to take to build my MindBody FX business and become Canada’s #1 weight loss coach

Step 1. Differentiate yourself

You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from all of the other life, health and wellness coaches, personal trainers, nutritionists and other health and wellness professionals. You have to find what makes you and your program unique. It can be as simple as offering a guarantee on permanent results. In my MindBody FX Facilitation Training Program, I show my students how they can help their clients achieve lasting weight loss results.  You can get more information on this program by clicking on the link at the end of the article.

Step 2. Get Publicity Online and Offline 

Start writing press releases. Pitch the local media with tips, tools and information that can help their readers. Start writing articles and blogging and offer information that everyone else is afraid to give away for free. Prove that you are an expert and achieve celebrity status. Celebrity experts can raise their fees and charge more than everyone else – and have no one question it.

In my facilitation program, you’ll get free press release templates and article templates that you can use to promote your business.

Step 3. Start Doing Live and Virtual Presentations

Live presentations are an excellent way to connect with your potential clients — and those who know them. Being on stage, either literally or figuratively, gives you instant credibility and visibility. You have the chance to display your expertise while also giving people a chance to get to know you as a human being. That’s a powerful combination.

It used to be that the only way to do live presentations was to get up in front of a group and speak about your subject. That is still a highly effective way to get new clients, and I highly recommend it. 

If you’re shy, you might want to join Toastmasters. They will help you build confidence as well as the skills you’ll need to impress prospective clients.  And then go ahead and speak to groups interested in health and wellness as often as possible.

But don’t stop there.

With the internet, there are now additional ways to make live presentations — teleseminars, podcasts, and webinars.  What they lack in immediacy, they make up for in potential reach. Once you get the hang of properly promoting your events, you can reach hundreds and even thousands of people with your message. 

Step 4. Start Engaging in Social Media

Another way to get in front of potentially huge audiences is to use social media.  The primary ones are Facebook and Twitter, and you should sign up for both of these and start growing your lists of friends, fans, and followers.

If you make a habit of sharing interesting information and use effective strategies to grow your list, you can quickly gain thousands of followers and friends — and once you’re ready to announce a teleseminar or webinar, you can invite them all!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Other elements of social media include forums and even blogs. As a coach, personal trainer or wellness professional, you should be active in relevant forums, where you participate in discussions, answer questions, and give advice.  And in your signature file, you can send people to your blog, where you can build your community and solidify your relationship with your prospects.

Step 5. Pitch to corporations

Many corporations have health and wellness programs, or at least sponsor them.  They are very open to anything that keeps their employees healthy, happy, and productive. And, they’ll invest heavily in these programs. Just by targeting the corporate market – you can build a 6+ figure income coaching business.

Can you see how using the above techniques can build your business? Imagine if you could offer guaranteed weight loss results too? 

In our MindBody FX Facilitator Training program, we will show you step-by-step how to build a 6+figure income coaching business that achieves permanent weight loss results for clients.  Find out more about our program by attending a free webinar sneak preview at:


Guilt Free Holiday Indulgences

Around the holidays, people are so concerned about gaining weight that won’t fully enjoy their holiday. It doesn’t have to be that difficult if you Choose Wisely.

Stop thinking that your favorite holiday foods have to be off limit. No food will make you gain weight unless you eat too much of it. A simple way to enjoy your holiday treats is to eat them in smaller portions. Usually the taste is enough to satisfy a craving.

Denying a craving can actually make the it worse, so indulge, just don’t overindulge. I recommend the 4-bite rule. Anywhere between 2 – 4 bites usually curbs the craving and leaves you satisfied. So enjoy, just do it in moderation.

Happy Holidays.  May you and your family eajoy a wonderful holiday season!


Life is short…remember the small things

In today’s busy world, we all need a reminder of what is truly important. I can say with conviction, that there’s no better way to do that than watching, and re-watching, this beautiful 3 minute movie. It is sure to have an impact on your day.

There are moments in everyone’s life that put a smile on their face… here’s a few that are sure to resonate with you.

Click here to watch

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5 Gifts to Help You Lose Weight Under $100: Ask for these this Christmas

Still looking for something special, yet supportive for a friend or loved one that is making great changes to their diet and lifestyle this holiday season? A way to say “keep up the great work” without implying that there was work to be done?

Here are five health-supporting gifts under $100 for the shrinking person on your list.
1. Electric Grill. Grilling is such a healthy way to cook. Very little added fat is required (just a spritz from your olive oil sprayer), and any fat released from the food is collected in a tray and does not make it on to your plate.

My personal favorite: the Griddler by Cuisinart. The Griddler opens flat for asparagus, and closes for paninis and salmon burgers.

Upgrade your gift: Add a Cuisinart Oil Spritzer.

2. MP3 Player. Nothing gets you moving and relaxing into your fat-burning rest and digest mode like good music! Whether it’s on your run or walk, to focus at the gym, or to listen to the latest podcast from Oprah, an MP3 player is an accessory that is hard to do without.

My personal favorite: Pyrus. This little guy also has a voice recorder, video screen, and camera. Take pictures from the top of that staircase you just climbed!
Upgrade your gift: Add an iTunes gift card.

3. Blender or Juicer. No greater way to start a health-promoting day than with freshly made juice or a whole foods smoothie. It’s such a great way to intake a whole whack of nutrients without a whole whack of extra calories.

My personal favorite: the Magic Bullet! No excuses about mess (put cups in dishwasher) or time (throw everything in and take it with you)!
Upgrade your gift: There are so many options to blend up besides smoothies in the Magic Bullet Cookbook.

4. Body Fat Monitor and Scale. We’re always looking for a way to monitor progress, and the easiest way has always been a traditional scale. We know of course that as we exercise and get more fit, we build muscle and lose fat. Muscle weighs more than fat, so even though we’re doing everything right, the number on the scale doesn’t want to move in our favor. A scale is a start, but a body fat monitor measures your fat mass and water content as well, so you can see progress in the important areas.

My personal favorite: The Tanita Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor lets you measure more than one change in your body.
Upgrade your gift: Include a MyoTape measuring tape for an even greater way to see change, and add a journal for tracking progress.

5. Fitness Video Game. So many families have at least one video gaming system that adults should totally take advantage of. What a great way to get your whole family active. It’s not just for kids!

My personal favorite: Wii Fit has enough choices to keep even the finickiest of armchair athletes out of their seats.

Upgrade your gift: Add on a Wii Fit Workout Kit to keep the challenges coming!

There are so many great health and weight loss promoting gifts out there, that there’s no excuse for not being supportive. They will love the fact that you care enough to actively support their goals and paths. Remember to make holiday meals and grazing a healthy experience as well. Nothing says festive holiday season like red peppers, white cauliflower, and green celery dipped in homemade spinach dip. Now we’re talking Happy New Year!


Yes it is possible to lose weight over the holidays!

Weight loss is possible at any time, depending on your priorities and your version of “holiday.” For some people, the holiday season means extra stress, hectic schedules, and lots of get-together’s full of temptations.

For others, it means time off of work, relaxation, exercise, and enjoyment of healthy food and cooking. Depending where you see yourself in this spectrum will determine if your goals can include weight loss, or if it would be more reasonable to aim for weight maintenance.

Take a look at some of these scenarios, and see which ones are applicable to you.

  1. Busy, busy, busy. The whole month of December goes by in a blur of holiday get-togethers, hours of mall shopping, and too many egg-nogs to remember. Anxious busy equals stress hormones, which cause us to retain and store fat. You’re probably skipping meals and activity along the way, which also contributes to the stress factor and weight gain.
  2. Holiday baker extraordinaire. You find joy and peace in baking for others. Baking becomes more of a hobby and relaxation exercise. If you’ve made a conscious effort to substitute your regular, sugar-laden recipes for ones with whole grain flours and natural sweeteners, then you are also giving a gift that doesn’t cause damage or guilt. Fat stores can remain neutral when whole food baking options are chosen.
  3. Skips important healthy weight habits. Instead of attending your favorite spin class, are you taking this time to decorate your house? Are you shopping on your lunch break and skipping lunch? Are you finding you’re drinking more coffee and alcohol than water? In any time of added stress, ensuring you partake in your regular stress-balancing activities is essential for weight management.
  4. Forget all your healthy habits until New Years. All the MindBody FX Lifestyle Habits that you’ve employed are yearlong, including holidays. That “I’ll start again in January” attitude gets you right back to square one. Holding on to as many of these healthy habits as possible will allow January to hold a whole new set of goals — like a dress size smaller.
  5. Embraces time with loved ones. Genuinely enjoying the company of your friends and family will decrease cortisol levels and allow you to enter your rest and digest mode where excess fat stores can be released. Plan health-promoting activities instead of visiting over gingerbread. A winter hike, snowshoeing, or a sleigh ride are great family activities complete with fresh air and possibly some sunshine. Time off over the holidays is a great time to try a new class. Hot yoga will warm anyone after a day of skating. 

Losing weight over the holidays is totally possible depending on your priorities and choices. If you really love Aunt Donna’s Christmas cake, have some. If you want to lose or maintain your weight, then pass on the second round of coffee and Bailey’s to allow balance. It’s all about happy compromise.

The best tool over the holidays for sticking to your goals is your journal. If you write everything down, you can see that you had nacho dip three times this week, and went to the gym once. You can then schedule gym time with a higher priority for the next week, and choose the carrot and celery sticks for munching.

Journal to remind yourself of why. Write your goals out daily, and you’ll be far more conscious of them. With your goals in mind, you can chose to get through the holidays with a few less pounds on the scale.