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The definition of success…

The definition of success is a very personal thing. What works for you
may not work for me and vice versa. But there are some common denominators
for achieving success in your life and that’s what this beautiful
3 minute movie is all about!

So, sit back, turn up your speakers and…prepare to be inspired.

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Give Thanks on Thanksgiving

To all my American friends I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Sometimes during tough times we forget to think about, and give thanks for the good things we have in our life.

I remember a couple of years ago being in Las Vegas and the hotel I was staying at had a problem where we had no hot water for over 24 hours. Once I was able to have a hot shower, I had a new appreciation for hot water, that I had previously neglected.

I am so grateful for so much, especially for family and friends, but for all the other little things I used to forget about.

I came across an article that I thought you would enjoy, give it a read by clicking on the link below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are You Thankful for This Thanksgiving?
What are You Thankful for This Thanksgiving? by On Thanksgiving Day families, friends and individuals across the nation will sit down and give thanks for the good fortune in their lives. It’s a tradition that happens, …
Publish Date: 11/23/2008 13:05


How I lost 30 lbs using ‘The Inner Weigh’

Last week I posted on my blog about the documentary The Inner Weigh. I was fortunate to get the chance to get a Preview Copy before it was released to the public.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the trailer for the movie yet you can click here to see it.

I discovered the information in this movie several years ago and it is exactly what helped me to lose 30 lbs and keep it off.  (Yes these pictures are of me below!)

Let me give you a quick summary of what I learned:

Your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings are expressed in actions and your actions produce results.

So, if your feelings are expressed in actions and your actions produce results, by eating better and feeling better, not only will you lose weight, but you will see all areas of your life improve.

All too often we are so focused on our jobs or our businesses that we neglect our health. It’s important to remember that if you have major health issues, your job and business won’t do you any good anyway.

Dr. Dave Smiley made this movie because he too struggled with his weight and I think it could help you too. Health is important and I hope you make yours a priority.

Click here to learn more about this movie

I created this short video for you that tells you a little more about what I’ve learned over the years and much of it is discussed in the movie The Inner Weigh.


The difference in success or failure is…

There is one thing that we all have in common. That is…at some point in our life, we will face adversity. It’s not a matter of if, but…when.

I have come to realize that the difference in our success or failure is not change, but choice. Because when adversity strikes, it’s not what happens that will determine our destiny; it’s how we react to what happens.

That’s what this 3 minute inspirational movie is all about. So just sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy.

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Did You Know That Diets Make You Fat? Movie: The Inner Weigh

I have been waiting for months to be able to make this announcement,
 ever since I first heard about a project that will help many people change the way they think about diet and weight loss. Just when I 
think I’ve learned and experienced everything there is to know in 
order to help my clients overcome weight struggles, and find peace 
with food and their bodies, something comes along that blows my mind 
and I just have to share it with everyone!

There is a brand new documentary film, called THE INNER WEIGH, which 
basically explains everything I convey to my clients every day! 
Except that it costs far less than a coaching session with me, and you 
can watch it again and again…. do you know how jazzed I have to be 
to point that out? THE INNER WEIGH™, shows you how you can love your body, eat what you want, and never diet again! It is based upon the universal, spiritual principle of “the Law of Attraction” and the power of the subconscious mind.

Click here to view the film’s trailer:

This film will teach you how to shift your thoughts and self-talk, and how to feed your spirit in order to achieve and keep the body of
 your dreams, because THE INNER WEIGH™, is based upon the universal spiritual principle of the “Law of Attraction” and the power of the 
subconscious mind.

The DVD is being released at Thanksgiving, but I just learned that you
can pre-order it now at a reduced introductory rate, and with over 
$450 worth of free bonus gifts offered by teachers who appear in the 
film. I just ordered mine and downloaded all the free gifts, which are 
really impressive, and I wanted everyone I know to know about this 
offer before it disappears!

Here’s the link where you can watch the trailer:

 By the way, this film isn’t only appropriate for those want to lose 
weight. It’s for anyone, of any size, who is tired of being caught up 
in the constant, obsessive struggle with food and body image! There
 are incredible insights about everything related to food, body and
 weight from top experts in the field of nutrition, weight loss, spirituality and the mind. Some of them you may remember from the 
movie “The Secret” and some of them you may know from books or
 websites I’ve recommended to you, like:

Dr. Gay Hendricks, Bob Proctor, Mary Manin Morrisey, Peggy McColl, 
Bonnie MeChelle, Dr. Andrea Pennington, Dr. Matthew B. James, Andréa
 Albright, Debbie Johnson, Janice Taylor, Karly Randolph Pitman, 
Bronwyn Marmo, Renée Stephens, Alfonso De Rose, etc….

They have put their hearts and souls into this project to help you,
and they are certainly helping me to be able to help you even more! I
 cannot wait to see how many lives are going to be positively impacted 
by the messages in this movie… and not only in regards to our 
bodies, for I truly believe the effects will ripple out to positively 
impact all areas of our lives! 

I see that everyday with my coaching clients, they don’t only lose weight, all areas of their lives improve.

You can read more details about it at:

Let me know what you think about the trailer and whether you decide to
 get the film, because I am planning on offering an “Inner Weigh” Free Coaching Session starting at the beginning of the new year for those who 
want to deepen their understanding of the ideas presented in the film 
and sharing their experiences implementing the tools they learn.

P.S. “If you deny your soul’s passion, your dreams, your deep
 emotions, you will end up stuffing it all down with food. No diet can 
help you change that.” – Dr. Dave Smiley (creator of “The Inner 
Read more about Dr. Dave Smiley and his personal journey that lead to
the making of this movie:


Free Information Session – Nov 24, 2010 – Kelowna, BC

Weight Loss Master Coaches Share Why You Can’t Seem To Lose Weight
(and what you can do about it) in Kelowna, BC

Kelowna, BC – November 16, 2010 – Last year roughly 26,337 women in the Kelowna area started a diet or weight loss program and only 790 reached their goal. Why? The billion-dollar weight loss industry misleads most women on the real process to permanent weight loss. The lies seem easier to digest than the truth. In reality, the truth is actually very simple – and empowering.

“There are so many misconceptions and devious little myths about how to lose weight that are continuously blasted at women through the media that just aren’t true.  Not only that but there is a pervading culture of get thin fast programs that cause most women to lose motivation and confidence, leaving them hopelessly frustrated and depressed,” says founder Melonie Dodaro. “My experience is that once you change the mindset, the body is much more likely to mold to your ideal weight and look.”

Why do so many people lose weight, but then fail to keep it off? There are a number of reasons, but at the end of the day, diets – by themselves – don’t work. What does work? Cameron and Patti Gordon, Weight Loss Master Coaches will share their insights and experiences in Kelowna on November 24, 2010 from 7-8pm at the Ramada Hotel during a free information session open to the public.

According to a study done by the Penn State College of Medicine, many overweight people are able to lose weight, but then have a difficult time maintaining their weight loss.  There are a number of reasons to explain this failure to keep the weight off, but the real bottom line is – diets alone don’t work.  At this free information-rich session, Cameron and Patti Gordon will explain why they don’t.

At this session participants will discover:
●   The secret to permanent weight loss. Your days of fad dieting and low self-esteem are gone forever
●   How to feel completely in control of your eating and your life
●   Understand what triggers your poor eating habits and how to overcome them 
●   How to quickly gain more confidence to improve how you feel about yourself
●   8 nutrition tips that will support your complete body transformation

As a bonus, Melonie Dodaro will be providing all attendees a free copy of her new book The MindBody FX Lifestyle: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection for Permanent Weight Loss. For more information or to arrange an interview please call Cameron Gordon at 778-478-1973 or visit

About MindBody FX Weight Management Company:
MindBody FX Weight Management Company is the developer of The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program: A Total Transformation System for Permanent Weight Loss. The company was founded in 2009 by weight loss expert Melonie Dodaro. Dodaro spent three years developing The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program after running weight loss centres for more than a decade. MindBody FX Weight Management Company is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada. For more information about MindBody FX, visit and


‘Why You Can’t Lose Weight’ Tele-class Nov. 15, 2010

Are you frustrated that you can’t fit into the clothes you want to wear and fed up with all the different diets you’ve been doing that just aren’t working? It’s no wonder with a 95% failure rate in the weight loss industry! Perhaps you long to feel sexier and more comfortable in your intimate relationships. Do you want to have better health and more energy to live the life you desire?

Reserve your spot in my FREE “Why You Can’t Lose Weight” (and what you can do about it) Tele-class on November 15, 2010 6pm PST/9pm EST

Register now at:

Join me for this FREE tele-class and discover:

  • The secret to permanent weight loss, so your days of fad dieting and low self-esteem are gone forever
  • How to feel completely in control of your eating and your life 
  • Understand what triggers your eating and how to overcome it  
  • More confidence that will improve how you will feel about yourself
  • 8 nutrition tips that will support your body transformation

Register now at:


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A wonderful movie about your greatest gift

Watch this short and wonderful movie about your greatest gift!

What is the greatest gift you’ll ever give…or receive?
It might surprise you, to find out in this unforgettable 3 minute movie.

Click here:
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Busy Entrepreneurs: 6 Tips Reduce Stress & Trigger Fat Loss

Many entrepreneurs and executives are busy running their businesses and don’t spend the time they need to take care of themselves. With stress, obesity, and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease on the rise, many companies have realized the importance of having a healthy workforce.

Sixty six percent of the adults in the United States are overweight or obese, which is contributing to significant health risks, lost productivity and increasing health care costs. Overweight employees cost employers 30% more on average than healthy weight employees.

Here are six tips for the busy entrepreneur who wants to lose weight, reduce stress and get into better shape.

1. Plan your day. 
As a busy entrepreneur your time is limited so it is very helpful to plan ahead the night before. Decide what you’ll eat and when you will make time for some physical activity, and schedule it all in just like you would any other important appointment. When you have a plan for the day you won’t find yourself starving, trying to figure out what to eat and reaching for those high-fat/calorie foods that you’re trying to avoid.

2. Reduce stress. When you’re stressed out, your body produces stress hormones, and goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode. In this state, your body doesn’t release fat, and instead, stores everything to fat, to prepare for an emergency. There are several ways you can reduce stress such as having some down time, meditating, exercise and reducing caffeine. Meditation can help you reduce your stress levels so your body is not storing everything to fat.

3. Create an environment of wellness within the workplace. Taking care of your health and wellness, and helping your employees do the same will provide a more productive work environment.  It’s been shown that companies that help their employees to create healthy lifestyle changes see payoffs in terms of a more loyal work force, productivity, less sick days, reduced health-care costs and improved morale. Consider implementing a workplace wellness program.

4. Make the best choices possible. You can still make good choices when you can’t choose the restaurant for a lunch meeting.  Avoid the breadbasket, ask for a salad or fresh veggies instead of fries, choose broiled rather than fried etc. Keep an eye on the sauces as well. Many BBQ sauces, dips, and condiments are full of simple sugars that’ll head right to your hips. Snack on fresh fruit and almonds as snacks. When you fill up on healthy foods, you’re less likely to over indulge in the high-fat options.

5. Change your thoughts. Your thoughts determine your actions, which will determine your results. Staying positive and thinking the thoughts that are in alignment with your goal is so important. Earl Nightingale said it best when he said, “you become what you think about!” As a busy entrepreneur you may tell yourself that you don’t have the time to take care of yourself. If you tell yourself this, than that will be your reality. So choose to have thoughts that will support your goal.

6. Interval training. This is extremely effective for fat loss and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Here’s more good news it only takes 15 minutes to do, along with a 5 minutes for a warm up and 5 minutes for a warm down. There’s no need to go to a gym for an hour or so, as this method is quick and it burns more calories faster.  Generally, you’ll have a period of high intensity (no longer than 30 seconds) and a period of lower intensity (this is considered a rest period). Ideally, the rest period should be as long as the high intensity interval. However when you’re first starting out, your rest intervals can be longer (typically 60 seconds).

These are six practical ways for the busy entrepreneur or executive to get into shape without spending a lot of time. Remember you need to take some time for yourself but these tips will allow you to keep that time to a minimum with maximum results!

Melonie Dodaro is an author, speaker, trainer and weight loss master coach who helps people end their cycle of yo-yo dieting and experience lasting weight loss. Her new book The MindBody FX Lifestyle shows people how to create the mindset needed to attain their idea weight. She is also the founder & CEO of MindBody FX, a company that specializes in coaching people to change the way they think, so they can achieve permanent weight loss. Melonie is featured as the weight loss coach on the upcoming TV show 180 Life & Style Makeovers.