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Many Americans Are Overweight And Don’t Know It

We have an epidemic in the United States (and Canada also) with many people overweight, some even obese. While this is bad enough, to make matters even worse, we aren’t even aware of it. Roughly 33% of Americans consider their weight to fall somewhere within the healthy range, according to Harris Interactive. Even more alarming is the fact that most Americans (70%) whose BMI’s would characterize them as obese, only consider themselves overweight. Forty percent of morbidly obese individuals consider themselves only overweight. This is extremely problematic because when persons who are obese or overweight don’t recognize and acknowledge it, they tend not to give the issue the attention it deserves, which can turn out to be a deadly mistake.

Because so many Americans are overweight, the definition of what is and what is not overweight or obese is different from what it used to be. More than 60% of Americans weigh more than they should, with Canada not that far behind. These are epidemic levels and if something isn’t done, it could threaten the viability of our nations.

Individuals that are overweight or obese suffer from chronic diseases at higher levels than people that are not. This places a burden not only on the individual, but also their employers and our health system.  Expensive treatment and medical care costs affect everyone through increasing insurance premiums. Individuals who are chronically ill might also miss work more often and may be less productive even when they are present which directly effects are country’s work force efficiency.

An online study, calculated the BMI (body mass index) of 2418 adults, 18 and older.  The study found that 34% of the study participants over the age of 20 were overweight. Thirty-four percent were classified as obese. These are startling figures. 

Though many individuals in the study believed that they were overweight because they failed to exercise enough, obesity experts aren’t so sure. An increasing amount of evidence suggests that losing weight isn’t only about a lack of exercise, but also portion control. Some experts suggest that individuals looking to lose weight keep a food diary while consuming a healthier diet and exercising on a consistent basis.

Unfortunately, the weight loss aspects that far too many experts skip out on all together are the mental and emotional causes of weight gain. Until these are identified and addressed, weight loss diets are akin to placing a band-aid on a bullet wound. They simply aren’t effective and won’t get the job done long-term. Because these sorts of issues (mental and emotional issues) are often the fuel that drives overeating and the consumption of foods that are unhealthy, until something is done to address these issues, weight loss will always be an uphill, losing battle. Once, however, a person is able to pinpoint why they overeat and make poor food choices, they can begin to take control over their diet rather than live a life where their diet controls them.


12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe

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If You Want to Age Gracefully, Don’t Eat This

Dr. Joseph Mercola: If You Want to Age Gracefully, Don’t Eat This
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Drew Carey’s Dramatic Weight Loss and Health Gains

Today, Drew Carey is the host of the famed, game show “The Price is Right.”  Many of us, however, remember him from the “The Drew Carey Show,” the popular sitcom that aired between 1995 and 2004.  The show featured, the hilarious and rotund Carey and his pals hanging out in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a humorous show and loved by many. Fast forward six years to 2010. A lot of things have changed. Carey has both a new gig and a new body.

Drew Carey has struggled with his weight throughout his adult life. For most viewers and fan, the comedian and television star has always been a bit overweight and for many that was part of his charm. He was the funny, big man.  Everyone seemed to be laughing, that is everyone but Carey. In a recent interview with People magazine, he told the reporter interviewing him that he was sick of looking fat on television so he decided to do something about it. The weight loss started slowly and then snowballed. What was initially a drop in a few pants sizes began to become much more once he started seeing results.

When Drew Carey appeared at the premiere for the game show, “The Price Is Right,” of which he is the host, the topic of interest instantly became his dramatic weight loss. Many people were quite impressed but understandably had questions regarding what was behind the significant weight loss and how Carey managed to pull it off.  According to Carey, it was all natural. There was no surgery. He simply started to watch what he put in his mouth. Today, gone completely from Carey’s diet is bread and other carbohydrates (though not all).  He also has a pretty strenuous work out schedule. He performs some type of cardio exercise at least 45 minutes a day,  six days a week.

Drew Carey’s weight loss did more then simply whittle his waistline. It also dramatically improved his health.  At one time a diabetic, since losing a whopping 80 pounds, the very dangerous disease has been reversed. Diagnosed specificially, as a Type 2 diabetic, Carey no longer has to take any medication to control and treat the disease. The ability to forgo taking medication isn’t the only benefit. Diabetics are at a higher risk for health problems, including blindness, amputation and even death. Being able to reverse the disease is an incredible feat which will pay off health-wise for the rest of Carey’s life, that is, as long as he is able to keep the weight off.

Drew Carey has done what many people wish they could do, lose a significant amount of weight. The good news is that most people can.  Uncovering those triggers which cause overeating, learning what foods to eat and exercising on a regular basis can help just about anyone who desires to lose weight, do so.


Vitamin D proven far better than vaccines at preventing influenza infections

Vitamin D proven far better than vaccines at preventing influenza
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Top 10 Foods To Accelerate Weight Loss

When the subject of weight loss is broached, the emphasis is generally on what not to eat. Dieters are sure to receive an earful about which foods should never touch their plate or reach their mouths. While this sort information is indeed helpful, it’s incomplete. It is equally important that dieters understand what foods they do need to consume in order to lose weight. Below, we have listed the top 10 foods that if eaten on a regular basis and in healthful amounts, will help accelerate weight loss. Cut out this article and post in on your fridge. You’ll want to refer back to it until its contents become ingrained in your brain!

1. Spinach
Spinach is low in calories and nutrient dense, making it the perfect diet food. It is full of fiber which makes you feel full longer and thus, less likely to binge later on in the day. One cup of spinach contains only 7 calories.

2. Eggs
For some time, when eggs were referenced, bad cholesterol was as well. Studies have proven that contention to be untrue. Eggs do not contribute to bad heart health like many people feared. In fact, in recent years, they have been proven to be a dieter’s dream food. They are easy to prepare, low in calories cheap and versatile. The protein in eggs is also filling which means dieters are less likely to binge.

3. Oats
Oats are amongst the best food choices for those looking to accelerate their weight loss. They rank high on every satiety-level chart. Satiety is just a big word for filling. Oats also take a long time to digest. This translates into lower blood sugar spikes and fewer cravings. To get the most benefit, go with steel-cut oats. They have more fiber then instant oats.

4. Lentils
Lentils have two things going for them as it relates to weight loss. They have a ton of soluble fiber as well as protein. This one-two punch helps keep blood sugar levels stabilized. Consuming lentils also wards against insulin spikes. Such spikes result in the excessive accumulation of fat.

5. Chillies
For those who like spicy foods, their ability to accelerate weight loss is one more reason to love them. Eating spicy foods such as chilies help to rev up the metabolism. Chillies, in particular, contain capsaicin. This compound causes the body to burn calories for an additional 20 minutes after they are consumed.

6. Grapefruit
Grapefruit is a well-known fat-fighting food.  Ever heard of the grapefruit diet?  It works. A study done by researchers at the Scripps Clinic La Jolla, California found that individuals who ate half a grapefruit prior to consuming their meal were able to lose more weight then those that did not. Grapefruit are believed to be able to block the enzymes in the body that cause carbohydrate and fat storage. This helps improve the body’s fat ability to burn fat.

Grapefruit is also low in calories. One half of the juicy fruit only accounts for 39 of ones daily calories. Aside from the weight loss benefits of grapefruit, it also has a number of nutritional benefits. It contains liminoids and lycopene, both which are known for their ability to fight cancer.

7. Quinoa
Unfortunately, not enough people are familiar with quinoa. That’s too bad because it’s an ideal food for those looking to get rid of a few stubborn pounds. Quinoa is a whole grain that contains protein and fiber.  Eating it helps to stave off hunger.

8. Sardines
Sardines are not only a great diet food, they are also inexpensive. These small fish contain a great deal of protein and good fats (those omega-3s every dietician and physician encourages people to consume for good heart health). They also include a good amount of calcium, which is great for weight loss.

9. Green Tea
Green tea is a weight loss superfood. It is packed with catechin polyphenols, antioxidants, which contribute to the healthfulness of the hot brew.  EGCG, epigallocatechin is the antioxidant responsible for green tea’s ability to rev up the metabolism and speed up weight loss. The caffeine in the drink contains also helps the body turn excess fat into fuel that can be more easily burned.

10. Avocado
Avocados rich and nutty flavor make them a favorite of many. Its ability to accelerate weight loss makes it an ideal food for dieters everywhere. Chock full of monounsaturated fats, dieters who consume them feel full and thus are less likely to overeat. 


The Sticky Truth About Wheat, Dairy, Corn and Soy

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Long Term Weight Loss Is A Problem For Many Americans

According to a study done by the Penn State College of Medicine, many Americans, while they are able to lose weight, have a difficult time maintaining their weight loss. The study, which was published in the International Journal of Obesity, found that only about 16% of individuals who were either overweight or obese were able to lose weight and keep it off.

Between the years of 1999 and 2006, the aforementioned research study included 14,306 men and women from every region of the United States.  More than 80% of all participants were either overweight or obese and nearly 1/3 of them wanted to lose weight. However, only thirty-six percent of the individuals who lost 5% of their body weight were able to maintain their weight loss.

The reasons that most Americans struggle with being able to keep off the pounds after they lose them may be pretty telling of the diet plans utilized most often in the United States. In America, we are quite fond of fad diets, you know, those that are designed to help us lose weight quickly. Losing an absurd amount of weight as quickly as possible is the goal of many, if not most overweight Americans.

We want fast results, even if it requires starving or consuming some strange concoction.  The problem is that it is difficult, if not impossible, to maintain this way of eating long-term. After a week or two, the fad diet is often abandoned. We go back to eating normally and the weight returns, often times, with a vengeance. This begins the dreaded yo-yo dieting cycle, which involves weight gain and weight loss in rapid succession.

Yo-yo dieting is not only taxing and frustrating mentally, it’s also bad on the body. When a person loses weight rapidly the wrong way, they lose valuable muscle mass. Fat burns fewer calories than muscle, which makes it harder to lose weight. 

Another problem with yo-yo diets is that they never get at the “heart” of why an individual has become overweight in the first place. Many people overeat because they have unresolved pain, frustration and stressors in their life that is fueling their desire to eat more than they should. It is not until a person determines what these are and then works through them, that they will be able to better control what goes into their mouths and bodies. Only after a person stops eating in order to self medicate or to fill a void and begins to recognize their value and the physical burdens that they place on their bodies when they overeat, will they begin to eat in a way that is healthful and balanced.


Jennifer Hudson Sheds Pounds With Weight Watchers But Is The Diet Good For Us Average Folks?

Jennifer Hudson, the academy award winner with the booming, soulful singing voice, is the newest face for the Weight Watchers diet program. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, it involves the use of a Points system, combined with weigh-ins and meetings. Admittedly, Weight Watchers may work for some people in the short-term, but like many “plans” are often not effective for long term, weight loss maintenance.  This is because diet plans that don’t address the mental and emotional aspects of weight problems and overeating, thus they are doomed to fail. Once a person begins to feel the pain or despair, which had driven them to gain weight in the first place, they will begin to overeat once again.

For many people, the connection between their emotions and weight gain is pretty substantial.  Many individuals that are either overweight or obese have become that way because they are emotional eaters. They consume food because they are sad, when they are happy, and sometimes simply out of boredom. These issues have to be addressed before an individual can lose weight or at least keep it off. This is true even if they have managed to shed a few extra pounds in spite of any unresolved issues that contributed to their weight gain in the first place. Even these individuals will have trouble keeping the weight off, unless the underlying issues are addressed.

Paying for the pleasure of losing weight, over and over again is another problem with many of these types of weight loss plans. Monthly memberships often aren’t affordable, especially in this economy. A much better approach would be to learn how to eat well and then nurse back to health, those mental and emotional injuries which contributed to the weight gain in question. Purchasing one great guide on proper nutrition and then doing the hard work necessary to free oneself from emotional eating and/or self-sabotage is a more efficient use of resources.

Weight loss plans such as NutriSystem and Weight Watchers can be effective in helping some people lose weight. It is the ability to keep the weight off via these programs that is the problem. Many people invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these types of programs, only to be back where they started one year later, with less money and nothing to show for it.  Plans such as these or any diet plan for that matter will not bring about long term results unless the person who follows it indefinitely and deals with the issues which contributed to them gaining weight in the first place.


Water May Be Secret Weapon in Weight Loss

Water May Be Secret Weapon in Weight LossWebMD
Drinking water before each meal has been shown to help promote weight loss, according to a new study.
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