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How to Lose Belly Fat: Tip 1

“Is it possible that I could reach my ideal weight and yet not get rid of my belly fat? I have lost a bunch of inches and 23 lbs to date yet I still have belly fat. 
I will continue following all The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program including the nutrition and fitness guidelines, but if there is anything else I could be doing to help myself, your guidance would be appreciated. 

One thing I am thinking about experimenting with is doing crunches during the TV commercial breaks, because even though I’ve been doing the program for just over 2 months now I know I haven’t been doing enough ab exercises.”
~ Marilyn J.

Win The Battle of Belly Fat

I wanted to answer the question I received from Marilyn as I know this is a question many people have. As far as your concern for still having belly fat – it really is a matter of each individual’s body. Fat loss is a process and as you stick consistently with the plan mapped out for you in The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program, you will find that your body will shed the fat, we just cannot choose where that fat comes from.

It is not uncommon for the fat from our “problem areas” – for women….hips, thighs and belly….to be the last to go.

Do you want to know how to lose the belly fat that you’ve been carry around? This is a common problem for many, especially women! This question inspired me to create a series of posts on how to lose the belly fat. Over the next few weeks I will post a total of 10 strategies that will help you lose the belly fat!

Can you see your belly fat gone? Literally!

You have to believe it to see it. Are you still seeing yourself with that belly fat in your mind? Visualize yourself at your ideal weight. See yourself in a bikini, propped on the beach, without having that roll of flab hanging over your bottoms. We attract what we think about. The more you think about where you are (plagued with rolls) and less about where you want to be (a flat washboard of a specimen) the more likely those rolls are going to stay a reality. Visualization exercises can be a very effective step to moving you in the direction of a flatter, sexier tummy.

Here is a short visualization exercise that I take my clients through:
•    Close your eyes and take three deep breaths
•    Visualize yourself at a weight and a size that is perfect just for you
•    See yourself doing the things you will be doing at your ideal weight
•    Who is complimenting you, what are they saying?
•    What are you wearing?
•    What activities are you doing now that you didn’t do before and how does that make you feel?

Doing this short visualization exercise each day is extremely effective. Seeing this image in your mind will help you to take the action to become that image that you want to be and keep you focused on it until you get there!

Stay tuned for the next tip coming up in a couple of days!


4 Nutritionist’s Tips for Healthy Living

I was at a friend’s house for the weekend recently with some of my University girlfriends, when we were lounging around over breakfast. Kathryn asked ‘So I get how natural peanut butter is better for me, but I always have to throw out the end because it’s rock hard with no oil left. I told her a great little trick, and now she’s converted. I realized there are other little tips that I take for granted that may make your healthy eating just a little bit easier to maintain and improve, here they are:

1.    Store your natural nut butters upside down in the cupboard for a day before stirring. This allows the oils to migrate to the top (which is really the bottom), so when you flip it over to stir, you can actually mix all the hard stuff in to the oil. Store in the fridge after opening. My favorite – MaraNatha brand peanut and almond butters – no separation after stirring and spreadable out of the fridge!

2.    Store nuts and seeds in fun matching jars that you can see through. I save my glass wide-mouth jars, fill them with various types of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, and store them in the cupboard. They are the first thing I see when I open the cupboard for a snack, so they get eaten more often than not! Nuts and seeds ideally should be kept in the fridge to keep their oils fresh, but we go through them so quickly this way, and we keep the extras in the freezer. You can toss these on salads, oatmeal, stir fries, etc. A great way to add essential fats to our daily diet.

3.    Keep a ‘smoothie bucket’ in the freezer. I keep a baby spinach container in the freezer for any fruit that may get slightly past its eating prime or I’m going away before they can be eaten. I peel bananas, cut fruit into appropriate blender sized chunks, and toss it in. Baby spinach or lettuce that is slightly past the fresh salad stage can also go in the bucket. Smoothies are a different flavor every time! I also have a ‘soup bucket’ for any herbs, hardy leafy greens, and any soup-able veggie – a great way to cut waste and be prepared for the next pot of soup.

4.    Always know what exactly is in your fridge and cupboards. Do you know someone who is stocked with food like they’re preparing for nuclear winter or someone that is always throwing out food that goes bad before it can be eaten?  I can tell you right now what is in my fridge. We only buy what we are going to be able to get through before the next shop, or definitely before it goes bad. Most times meals get decided on based on what food has been in the fridge the longest. Anytime someone complains to me about how ‘expensive’ it is to eat healthy, I ask how much food they throw out. We make a major point to never throw out food. Even if there are three bites left on the plate, these get put into a Pyrex container and eaten later as a snack or re-invented into another meal. I also love my Tupperware FridgeSavers, which really do keep your produce fresher longer (and visible!).

I hope these tips come in handy for you – I know they help me keep my life organized and my diet healthy! Please comment on any great tips you utilize to make the most out of your food, time, and diet. They may seem insignificant to you, but they may make someone’s life much smoother!


I Can’t Lose Weight; I’ve Tried and I Just Can’t Do It: Myth 14

We have come to the end of this series of Common Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths and today I am going to expose the last of the myths.

I Can’t Lose Weight; I’ve Tried and I Just Can’t Do It
You may believe this statement to be your truth because your beliefs control every move you make. When you understand how to build a belief system that will guarantee success, a belief to replace the ones that currently control your life, you’ll have opened a door to a brand new world. The number one predictor of your success in obtaining the body you want is not your sex, age, IQ, or heredity, but the BELIEF THAT YOU WILL SUCCEED!

“You become what you think about.” – Napoleon Hill

I had a client that I was working with that always believed that losing weight was difficult and that she couldn’t do it. Once I helped her believe in herself and in her ability to achieve her goal weight, the weight starting coming off easily and in 4 months she lost 32 lbs and has kept that off!

I hope this list of myth-busters has cleared things up for you? It all comes down to what makes sense – think things through and do what is the most natural for your body. If something sounds not only too good to be true but not like something your ancestors would have done, then leave if for those other people to believe. Your health is too important, so do your research to know what is truly best for you.

Make 2010 the year when you find your ideal weight and your ideal you! 


Spot Reducing is Possible: Myth 13

In my last post I exposed that ‘you are what you eat’ is really just a myth, when the truth really is ‘you are what you think’! Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

Spot Reducing is Possible
FALSE: You can do crunches or leg lifts all day long, but if you don’t lose the fat, you’ll never see the trim muscle underneath! Weight reduction needs to take place over the entire body, and then it’s possible to tone and shape certain muscle groups with specific exercises…but spot reducing doesn’t work!

We are almost coming to the end of this series of Common Nutrition and Weight Loss Myths. Stay tuned for my next post when I expose the last myth in this series.


You Are What You Eat: Myth 12

In my last post I exposed that all the excuses you give yourself about how hard it is to lose weight or change your eating habits is simply a myth. Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

You Are What You Eat
If you continually eat unhealthy foods full of fats, sugars and salt, you’ll be unhealthy, so in that respect,  there is some truth to this statement and you will be what you eat: unhealthy, overweight and undernourished! But the truth is, “You are what you think!  You attract into your life what you consistently think, feel and act on…so what are you thinking about: junk food or healthy, alive, colorful foods that nourish your body and keep you young, healthy and active? Remember you control your thoughts and you become what you think about!

Stay tuned for Weight Loss Myth #13, coming up in a couple of days!


It’s Too Hard to Change my Eating Habits: Myth 11

In my last post I exposed that once you lose weight you cannot go back to your old eating habits and maintain the weight loss, believing that you can is simply a myth. Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

It’s Too Hard to Change my Eating Habits
If you believe this or any other reason why you can’t lose weight to be true about yourself…then it will be your truth, and you won’t be open to changing your habits. The truth is that you can change! What food you eat, how you eat, why you eat, where you eat and when you eat are all habits that you’ve learned and have become part of your daily life. Much of your eating is on autopilot. Changing habits can be challenging but it can be done, not overnight, but gradually by taking small steps that add up to “new eating habits.

If you are a parent, this is the best gift you can give your children, teaching them good habits, specifically good eating habits. Even first lady Michelle Obama has realized that it’s a major problem which inspired her to implement her ‘Let’s Moveinitiative that battles childhood obesity.  President Obama also plans to reauthorize the Child Nutrition Act, and he is proposing a $10 billion budget increase to help provide nutritious school lunches to those who qualify.  Here are some reasons why it is so important to teach your children healthy eating habits:

You must believe that you can succeed! Have belief in yourself because you can do it!
“You can do it if you believe you can.” – Napoleon Hill

Stay tuned for Weight Loss Myth #12, coming up in a couple of days!


Once I Lose Weight, I’ll Easily Maintain It Going Back to My Old Eating Habits: Myth 10

In my last post I exposed that eating after 7pm will cause weight gain is simply a myth. Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

Once I Lose Weight, I’ll Easily Maintain It Going Back to My Old Eating Habits
FALSE: Eating healthy is a lifestyle – a way of living for the rest of your life. Dieting, then not dieting, is when yo-yo weight fluctuations are rampant. If you start eating now like you want to and are comfortable with eating that way for life, your body will change to match. Live the life you want starting now, and the rest will follow, including the body and health that will take you clear on to the twilight years.  

Permanent weight loss only happens when you make lifestyle choices rather than quick-fix dieting solutions.

Stay tuned for Weight Loss Myth #11, coming up in a couple of days!


Eating After 7pm Will Cause Weight Gain: Myth 9

In my last post I exposed that 100-calorie snack packs are good options is truly a myth. Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

Eating After 7pm Will Cause Weight Gain
If what you’re eating after 7pm is on top of a full day’s food intake, then yes, you’ll gain weight. Eating later on may not be optimal for your digestion or sleeping, but it’s much better to eat something than go for too many hours without eating. For instance, if you go to the gym after work and don’t get home until 7pm, you definitely need to eat to replace the fuel and rebuild the muscles you used. If you feel like you’re craving and very hungry in the later hours, take a look at what you’re eating during the day. If you aren’t eating enough to sustain yourself earlier in the day, your body will start demanding it later on. If you are eating regularly, and a meal or snack later in the evening is part of your daily allotment of food, then by all means eat away. You may find that having a small snack of complex carbohydrates like oatmeal or whole grain toast may actually improve your sleep.

Stay tuned for Weight Loss Myth #10, coming up in a couple of days!


100-Calorie Snack Packs are Good Options: Myth 8

In my last post I exposed that all you need to do is exercise more to lose weight is truly a myth. Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

100-Calorie Snack Packs are Good Options
Who decided that as long as something comes in a 100-calorie portion size, it’s a great option for health? A 100-calorie pack of cookies containing white flour, white sugar, maybe some high fructose corn syrup, and a bunch of chemicals may be considered a “treat” to some, but I’d rather treat myself to a 2-size-smaller bathing suit, thank you very much. These little bundles of junk may trick you into thinking that you’re eating right, but this is based on “the calorie theory,” and now you know it’s much more about the type of calories than how many of them.  If you’re looking for a 100-calorie snack, why not try eight walnuts or almonds, one medium apple or five cups of raw mushrooms?  Treat yourself to good health.

Stay tuned for Weight Loss Myth #9, coming up in a couple of days!


All You Need to Do is Exercise More: Myth 7

In my last post I exposed that simply eating a low-calorie diet is not all that is required to lose weight, that is a myth. Today I am going to share with you another common nutrition and weight loss myth and that is:

All You Need to Do is Exercise More
Exercise is obviously important for your overall health and well-being, but while exercising a lot while eating junk may allow you to lose a couple of pounds, you’ll be doing nothing for your health. And, as soon as the exercise slips a little, those pounds will just be waiting to slip back on. Add to the benefits of your healthy nutrition plan by including cardio, strength training, and mindful exercise into your weekly regime.

Stay tuned for Weight Loss Myth #8, coming up in a couple of days!